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The Economic Roots of Your Life Crisis

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Maybe you don’t have to get married, don’t have to get a “job,” buy two minivans and a McMansion, pack it bulgingly full of stuff you’ll never use, and call it a life. Maybe it’s only by breaking the dismally broken rules that you can rewrite better ones. The Economic Roots of Your Life Crisis – Umair Haque – Harvard… Read more »

A Cracking Trip to Kraków

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Back home again after the tip to Kraków in Poland, and a good time was had by all. Perhaps more restrained on the alcohol consumption (at least for me, but I think the others too) than previous trips, but a great mellow atmosphere, and after travelling and being away from friends for 4 months, it was a pleasure to be… Read more »

The Death Camps of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau

Words are inadequate to describe the events that took place at Auschwitz and Birkenau during World War II. Being there is probably the only way to take it in, but expect it to leave many questions of how and why. There is one observation that I’ll make, which is that in certain places on the sites, it doesn’t feel right… Read more »

Up at the Kraków of Dawn

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Another day, another country. I may have got back home after the grand Motorhome adventure, but after only 36 hours at home, I’m up at 3am for the drive to Bristol, and the flight to take myself and 5 chums to Kraków for a 4 day cultural visit (or drinking, whichever seems easier). Flight was on time and straightforward, and… Read more »

Reflections on Apple’s March 2012 iPad and Apple TV Announcements

A few days on from Apple’s most recent product announcements, and it’s good to be able to reflect on the the detail, and the media coverage that such an event whips up. Apple, particularly with Steve Jobs at the helm, we’re masters of whipping up the crowd and giving a clearly defined message, one designed to convey the important details… Read more »

To France, Au Revoir, To England, It’s Good to be Back

Dover Castle welcomes me back to British shores, after a slightly stirring crossing. Another half an hour of that and I’d have been sicker than the exchange rate in the ships coffee shop when paying in Euro’s. Of course they accept them, at 50% markup! Bless P&O and all who sail in her. My other uncomfortable experience on the way… Read more »

The New iPad

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Ok, so Apple’s latest media event has revealed the iPad 3 and and update Apple TV box (not a TV set, or anything revolutionary, as had been hoped for by many). The iPad gets the expected upgrades: High resolution ‘retina’ display so everything onscreen looks more gorgeous (allegedly) Camera upgrade to 5MP so you can take respectable photos 4G LTE… Read more »

Is The Secret Feature of The iPad 3 a New Touch Technology?

The most tantalizing and attractive possibility I could come up with was the introduction of a touch-feedback technology for the iPad’s display. Is The Secret Feature of The iPad 3 a New Touch Technology? Via TheNextWeb Wild speculation possibly, but this last minute rumour about the iPad 3 launch, expected to come later today at Apple’s media conference, could be… Read more »

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and the Côte d’Opale

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After the war of attrition that was the Somme Battlefields I needed to do some housekeeping, notably to find LPG, diesel and fresh water, all of which were running low, and empty both the grey water and toilet cassette. Diesel is hardly a problem, but as I needed LPG as well it made sense to try to kill two birds… Read more »

The Battle of the Somme, WWI 1914-1918

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Today’s sightseeing tour was to be a sombre affair, a wander through the battlefields and memorials of the Somme, the infamous setting for the bloodiest battles in British military history. I started the day in the town of Albert, in the Picardie region of Northern France. Albert is home to the Somme 1916 Museum, and I though this would be… Read more »