A Cracking Trip to Kraków

Back home again after the tip to Kraków in Poland, and a good time was had by all. Perhaps more restrained on the alcohol consumption (at least for me, but I think the others too) than previous trips, but a great mellow atmosphere, and after travelling and being away from friends for 4 months, it was a pleasure to be able to spend time, catch up and kick back.

As you’ll no doubt gather from the photos, there were a few glasses of various substances, and an awful lot of quivering meat products. The Poles don’t really go big on vegetables, although of course I’m sure some of that is for the benefit of the touristy ‘authentic Polish cuisine’.

You’ll need to forgive the grainy quality of the photos. I’ll blame the optics on the iPhone, as opposed to the fact the operator wasn’t always in full command of the equipment.

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