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The Mystery of the Missing iOS 6 for iPad First-Generation Owners

Apple announced iOS 6 yesterday at the 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference. Amongst the small print of the announcement was that the upgrade will not be available for owners of the first-generation iPad (iPad 1, Original iPad, or whatever you might want to call it). Released only two years ago in April 2010, it seems odd to be retiring support for… Read more »

Apple WWDC 2012 – Worth the Wait?

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New Macbook Pro 15"

Since getting back from our winter trip travelling, I’ve been itching to move my current Mac setup to be laptop only based – so that I have more options for future travel without compromising the work setup. I currently have a Mac Pro from 2006 and a 30″ Cinema Display, as well as a Macbook 13″ from 2006. The Mac… Read more »

Inevitable Downpour for a National Holiday, but not all bad

Well the Jubilee weekend turned out to be the par for the course pisser that pretty much sums up a British summer, although we did get one rather good day on Monday when the clouds moved far enough inland from the Bude coast to allow us to get out on the bikes and enjoy the sunshine. A short jaunt into… Read more »