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Manor Farm, Lydeard Hill Walk, Quantock Hills

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Another sunny Sunday, and so time to take a break and get outside again. Mel had to do some work first thing, so it was lunchtime before we got going, and so only a 6 mile walk this time. We opted for the Quantocks for this, and parked at Cothelstone Hill car park, and then took a guided walk that… Read more »

iPad mini (16GB+Wifi) delivered in the UK – First Thoughts

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So, finally after nearly three weeks of waiting, the iPad mini has arrived. I plumped for the 16GB with Wifi version, deciding at this point that laying out extra cash for features that might not be used was not worth the cash. 16GB is as much storage as I use of the original iPad, despite it being a 64GB model…. Read more »

Walking Withypool to Cow Castle Loop

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Mel and I decided that we should take advantage of todays good weather, take a break from renovations, and get into the great outdoors. I decided that this was a good opportunity to take a partially loaded backpack, the first steps in preparing for some micro-adventures. I can’t actually remember ever doing any hiking with a backpack in my life… Read more »

Microadventures – When Macroadventures Don’t Come Soon Enough

We are itching to get away to milder, or at least more adventurous climbs, but are resigned now to the fact its not going to happen this side of the New Year. Meanwhile, I found this post about Microadventures that got me thinking. Perhaps I don’t need a grand adventure, or at least don’t need to fret about delaying it a little, if I can find simpler ways of finding an adventure closer to home.

Apple’s ‘Track Shipment’ not working? How to Understand the Tracking Reference, Specifically with TNT as the Carrier

Are you having trouble finding tracking information for your Apple order? If its being shipped direct from manufacturing, you’ll likely have an international shipping reference. Make sure that you are using the carriers correct tracking page or you might not get a result.