Microadventures – When Macroadventures Don’t Come Soon Enough

We should have gone by now. Or at least around now. We were so looking forward to another winter away from the UK, enjoying the slightly milder climate of southern Europe, or perhaps just finding some proper snow to go and play in.

But the 2012 project of renovating the house is dragging on, albeit we are now starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel – or at least there are now lights fitted in the dining room and so its starting to look like a usable space again. There is still much to be done, decorating, skirtings, flooring, but its getting closer. So much so that we’ve invited the family for Christmas Day, so we’ll need to make sure its civilised by then!

Meantime, my mind keeps wandering back to the adventures of last winter, and lamenting the fact that I’ve barely got out on the bike this year, in fact barely got out of the house at all. Not a good situation, but at least I’ve been focussed on the job at hand. Trouble is, I”m itching to get out and do something, and whilst looking again at what I might pack for a cycling tour, I came across [Alastair Humphries’ Microadventures site](http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/adventures/microadventures/).

Whilst Alastair has quite literally been around the world in search of adventure, in the meantime he’s still finding things to do with himself, keeping it simple and keeping it local too. This sounds like just the inspiration that I need. A little microadventure, simple, easy to do over a day or two, something to get me outdoors, either on the bike, or perhaps on foot. Overnight would be good, and whilst its starting to get a bit chilly, and the weather remains wetter than would be ideal, this shouldn’t be an excuse for staying indoors. Exmoor is right on the doorstep, so why not step outside and have a little adventure of my own?

Of course, it suddenly becomes not quite so simple. Questions pop up about suitability of kit, whether I even have the kit, will I freeze my arse off or just not come back, at least alive? Probably far too much worrying over nothing, and your not exactly far from civilisation should be need arise. So nothing to worry about then? Time to do a bit of a kit check and see what’s possible!

What would you do on a micro adventure? Which personal boundary or comfort zone would you tell to take a hike?

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