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Travelling light?

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You’d think the car in front ought to have packed a little lighter. But then you look at the one to the right. Do you think he mentioned that he had a roof rack one the booking? There were several loaded up like this. One Mercedes had thought to put most of his load inside the car, but then left… Read more »

Stone Stacks and Sunsets

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I thought I’d share with you some of the creative stone stacks that people have created on the beach near the campsite. These have been here for all the time we’ve been here, although some smaller ones come and go and these get embellished slightly as the days go past, including by me as I walk past. I enjoy coming… Read more »

Mel Flies Home, I Get Robbed

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Mel got away without any problems, and reports since that there was no problem with getting back to Somerset on the train, which is all good news. After dropping her off at Palermo airport, I drove around the peninsula towards Palermo, and then up into the hills above the city to a town called Monreale. The cathedral is of some… Read more »

Sorry to Say, but it’s Blue Sky Week

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As George Formby would have said – ‘turned out nice again’. After the slightly unsettled period things have calmed down and we’ve had a couple of lovely blue sky days. Yesterday we managed to get out for a decent hike up into the hills. It’s a bit challenging around here trying to find where the foot paths are. This side… Read more »

The Charmingly Named Monte Monaco

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After going around one hill (Monte Cofano), that one right next to the campsite looked like a good candidate for ‘going over the top’. Monte Monaco stands 530m over the little town of San Vito Lo Capo, almost sheer on three side, and the abrupt end (or start) to range of hills that make up the Zingaro National Park. Not… Read more »

This Place Is Definitely Worth Lingering In

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A day spent working and doing the washing, sitting amongst the dappled shade of pine trees. A late afternoon walk along the beach and around the coastline. There’s a sodding great cliff just behind the campsite, although the line trees obscured it. Not until the walk did we realise it was there. Definitely going to have to find a way… Read more »