The Birthday Storm

The weather decided to take a turn for the worse over Mel’s birthday, which was unfortunate, as we’d have loved a blue sky day to go out for good hike around the hills. The forecast was not good, I thought we were back in the UK for a while, they had about 2 inches of rain forecast over about 36 hours. As it turned out, it wasn’t anything like that bad, and the winds weren’t particularly strong either.

It put a bit of a swell into the sea, and so the waves were quite fun to watch, but again, nothing on current UK conditions. I’m certainly glad were here and not there at the moment. As a result we had a fairly normal day, apart from the pink champagne and chocolates.

The weather has been good today, I’ve even managed to sit outside the van and do some work for a change, and the forecast for the next 4-5 days is blue skies all the way, so fingers crossed. It will be a good ending before Mel heads back to the UK. We are currently trying to figure out how she is going to get back from Gatwick given the current state of the railways, but things may well change by next week (for better or worse). I suppose she could always just stay here!

3 thoughts on “The Birthday Storm

  1. Hi Mel and Dave, the weather look still very good on mafia island a lot better than here anyway.
    Fliyng back to U.K. will not be the problem, from Catwick on will be , better prepair for a long traveling time to the West Country. We still like to be there as well just to warmup the old bones.
    Mel have a safe journey home.
    Good luck XXX Jan and Joan

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