My name is Dave Meehan.  I am 45 years old and live with my partner Melanie in the UK.

2014 sees me viewing life somewhat unconventionally, travelling in our motorhome rather than living in our home, which has now been rented out. In the winter you’ll find us somewhere in continental Europe, trying to keep on the good side of the weather, or at least having some fun in the snow. We both love mountains and hills, both on foot and on the two wheels of a bicycle.

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  1. Hello Dave, I’ve enjoyed reading your adventures on the Ojos Negro vv and have a question. The husband and I are planning to cycle Jerica to Soneja and next day Barracas to Jerica. We’re in our 70’s and have cycled several vvs using Decathlon folding Hoptown bikes, only ever going downhill or on the flat! Is the Ojos surface in reasonable condition on these sections can you remember?

    I’d value your advice.

    Greetings, Jill

    1. Jill, thanks for the message. If my memory serves, most of the western part of the route was compacted earth/gravel rather than sealed tarmac, but it was in good condition and perfectly ridable on anything with road tires. Wouldn’t ride it on a racer. The eastern part was more sealed I think. There are some long incline/decline sections, whichever direction you are heading, but the impression is always flat. You just start to wonder why you are making slow progress after 10 miles of apparently ‘flat’ rail bed, but that’s the nature of railway lines!

      Its a great route, the western half has some stunning scenery, so much so that it made me go back again at the later end of 2013, although only driving through this time. Aragon is a region I will definitely spend more time in given the opportunity.

  2. Many thanks for reply Dave, we’ve now ‘done’ the via verde and had a wonderful time. We toured by car as well and Iike you discovered how beautiful Aragon is.

    Happy cycling,


  3. Hi my name is Jordan I am from Kingsmead school and I am currently doing an ICT project. In my project I would like to use an image on this website. Would you be able to give me permission to use your image in my ICT course work? I would really benefit from using your images.

    Thank you very much,

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