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Loch Fyne

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A breakdown. Not emotionally, we are both just fine, but the van decided it wanted a holiday of its own and decided it needed the van equivalent of a Spa break. It was nice enough to come to a halt in the car park of the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and Restaurant, so there is an upside. Sunday was an… Read more »


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Sunsets. They’ve been a little scarce so far this trip, I was starting to wonder if we’d have any. From Tarbert, we headed around the Knapdale peninsula in perfect weather. We found a campsite at Knapdale, and it was like summer when we arrived. Lots of people outside in shorts playing ball games, or just soaking up the sunshine and/or… Read more »


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Tarbert, as we leave Kintyre to explore a bit further. After a wet few days we continue exploring, Kintyre has been lovely but largely lacks the drama of other parts. We wildcamped by the side of Loch Fyne, just outside the town and watched the ferry chug back and forth. Beautiful clear blue skies to walk up to, and a… Read more »


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The sunshine keeps of coming, it was a good move to come to this part based on the weather forecast, although it’s more likely to be wet over the weekend. Fingers crossed it’s not too biblical. Still, a good time to look for a campsite, especially as our heater has packed up again. Bugger. Thankfully it’s still warm overnight so… Read more »

Southend, Kintyre

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Parked overnight outside the cemetery on Kintyre, a perfect spot for seal watching, and to enjoy the sunshine. Carved into stones just off the road at St. Columba’s footprints, to mark the point where he first landed in Scotland. A couple of cute stretches of shingle beach, a lovely spot to watch the weather pass by.


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As expected, struggling to find decent mobile signal in these parts. We are now on the Kintyre peninsula. Blog updates may be sporadic! Oban in the sunshine was distinctly more agreeable than 2 years ago on the rain, but we lingered only long enough for coffee before heading on down the peninsula in time for an afternoon walk. Up onto… Read more »

Hadrian’s Wall Day 7 – Newburn to Tynemouth

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Our final day on the wall, Kate departed early to return home, and James had foot issues overnight which meant he couldn’t walk. I needed to move the van, so that left Caroline and Mel to make the final stretch along the banks of the Tyne through Newcastle and out to Wallsend. James and I headed to Tynemouth in the… Read more »

Hadrian’s Wall Day 6 – Wallhouses to Newburn

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A diversion first thing to collect up the party from Corbridge, a pretty little town with a bridge and baffling road junctions. And a church made from remnants of the wall and Roman forts. Leaving the wall at Heddon-on-the-Wall and down into the Tyne valley giving lovely views of the city ahead. The welcome was not quite what we expected…. Read more »

Hadrian’s Wall Day 5 – Walwick to Wallhouses

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Little to report here today, dropping down off the craggy ridge and back into farmland, some views to the north but mostly parallel to the road. A little of the wet stuff from the heavens taking the edge off the enjoyment factor, so I loyally stayed as van logistics operative and kept kept dry in the pub. Still got a… Read more »

Hadrian’s Wall Day 4 – Twice Brewed to Walwick

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After the full Northumberland cooked breakfast, we had sufficient beans to want to go back to Cawfields where we abandoned the previous days walk. A stunning bit of countryside, the wall follows a craggy Whinstone ridge which in itself looks like a formidable barrier, but hey-ho, if your building a wall, why not carry on? We also summitted the highest… Read more »