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A New Series of Quick Posts Coming

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I’m going to start a new series of quick posts with links to articles that I’m reading and find interesting. This is partly a bookmarking exercise for myself, and also because I hope that you will find some value in them. One thing that I’ve just enabled on the blog is the ability to post via email, so I can… Read more »

Less Minimalists?

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Minimalism.  It’s an interesting mindset, one that I enjoy.  Less is definitely more.  I’ve looked for information on the net about minimalism, and had been following the stories of several bloggers who all lead lives incorporating minimalist principles.  Don’t forget, minimalism isn’t just about living in sparse white boxes, its about less clutter, simpler lifestyles, sufficient money, and basically recognising… Read more »

A Little Bit on Minimalism

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Since early 2010 I’ve been on a bit of a minimalist mission.  I wasn’t specifically trying to live in a white box with practically no furniture – not quite that sort of minimalism – but certainly a desire to unclutter and simplify my lifestyle.  I withdrew from a few community related activities in order to create some mental space and… Read more »

Doing Things Differently in 2011

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Time to start blogging again.  Time to start finding yet more ways to enrich my life.  I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, but sometimes manage to take on too many things at the same time, so whilst I enjoy the challenge, things have a tendancy to get a little bit crazy in the process.  This year I’ve decided to recognise a… Read more »

A Little Bit of History About Me

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I’m a long time developer.  Now approaching 42 years of age, I’ve been writing code since I was 18.  Perhaps earlier if you can count crufty attempts to write my own version of Tron on the Commodore Vic 20.  But less said about that the better! I started out using a 4GL called ‘TAS’ which was a fine little language… Read more »