Less Minimalists?

Minimalism.  It’s an interesting mindset, one that I enjoy.  Less is definitely more.  I’ve looked for information on the net about minimalism, and had been following the stories of several bloggers who all lead lives incorporating minimalist principles.  Don’t forget, minimalism isn’t just about living in sparse white boxes, its about less clutter, simpler lifestyles, sufficient money, and basically recognising when ‘enough is enough’.  I’d had this creeping feeling for a few days that I was following too many minimalists.  And that what I needed was minimalist inspiration and not just maximum twittering.

And so I’ve decided to have a purge, and I no longer follow Everett Bogue, Joel Runyon, Sam Spurlin, Sean Ogle, Tyler Tervooren, Joshua Milburn, David Damron, or Courtney Carver.

Guys, thanks for what you did for me, some of your writing is great, but some of it is just noise.  And I know that you are not all strict minimalists, you have your own strategies.  I find its not helping someone that wishes to simplyify their life, and I know that I have the ultimate control over that, so for now, farewell.  I know where to find you when I need you.

So, who does that leave?  Well actually, no-one!  My only twitter follow that I picked up whilst looking at minimalism is Andrew Badenoch, and he’s not even a minimalist!  He does talk of a simpler life, and I really enjoy his writing – its intelligent and thought provoking, and he demonstrates a depth of understanding and passion for his subject (paleo logic & evolutionary psychology).

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