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How to Fix ‘Profiling: Invalid Magic Number’ in Xcode 4.6 When ‘Generate Test Coverage Files’ is enabled

Back to doing a bit of iOS development in Xcode, and I ran into a problem with the build tools producing a ‘profiling: invalid magic number’ error when merging the results of code coverage analysis with previous runs. Here is a way to work around the problem and save yourself from having to do a Product > Clean all the time.

How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

Problems pairing your Apple Wireless a Bluetooth Keyboard? Here is the one trick that few people know that sorts it out and gets you working again in seconds.

iPad mini (16GB+Wifi) delivered in the UK – First Thoughts

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So, finally after nearly three weeks of waiting, the iPad mini has arrived. I plumped for the 16GB with Wifi version, deciding at this point that laying out extra cash for features that might not be used was not worth the cash. 16GB is as much storage as I use of the original iPad, despite it being a 64GB model…. Read more »

Apple’s ‘Track Shipment’ not working? How to Understand the Tracking Reference, Specifically with TNT as the Carrier

Are you having trouble finding tracking information for your Apple order? If its being shipped direct from manufacturing, you’ll likely have an international shipping reference. Make sure that you are using the carriers correct tracking page or you might not get a result.

Why the iPad Mini is a Good Buying Decision for me

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On Tuesday, Apple announced a slew of upgrades to their product lines, with new Macbook Pros, iMacs and Mac Minis, and the first major deviation to the iPad since its launch in 2010, in the form of the iPad Mini. The iPad 3rd Generation also got an upgrade to become iPad 4th Generation (although known generally as the ‘iPad with… Read more »

Apple’s iOS 6 Maps App Can’t Find Itself

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One of my first trips out with the iPhone since upgrading to iOS 6 on the iPhone 4, I went to Exeter for the day, and I thought I would see if the upgraded and much derided Maps app was up to finding some of the shops I knew were in town. There was a new Debenhams store, which we… Read more »

How to Fix ‘Cannot Connect to App Store’ Error When Accessing Mac App Store Updates, OS X Lion 10.7.4

For the last few weeks, I’ve hardly been using the Mac Pro, as I’ve been avoiding coming to sit and work at the desk, favouring working from the laptop in the lounge in the brief periods between renovation work on the house. I needed to do some advanced iPhoto Library manipulations, and therefore found the MacBook to be somewhat underpowered,… Read more »

iPad Bug – Choosing March 2013 Month View Crashes iCal

Just come across this problem, and quickly managed to work out how to get around it. Symptoms: You have an ‘all-day’ or birthday event (from Address Book) configured for 1st April 2013, and the relevant calendar is selected for display. Select Month View Navigate to March 2013 – Crash! Update: On 28th January 2013, Apple released iOS 6.1 which appears… Read more »

The Mystery of the Missing iOS 6 for iPad First-Generation Owners

Apple announced iOS 6 yesterday at the 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference. Amongst the small print of the announcement was that the upgrade will not be available for owners of the first-generation iPad (iPad 1, Original iPad, or whatever you might want to call it). Released only two years ago in April 2010, it seems odd to be retiring support for… Read more »

Apple WWDC 2012 – Worth the Wait?

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New Macbook Pro 15"

Since getting back from our winter trip travelling, I’ve been itching to move my current Mac setup to be laptop only based – so that I have more options for future travel without compromising the work setup. I currently have a Mac Pro from 2006 and a 30″ Cinema Display, as well as a Macbook 13″ from 2006. The Mac… Read more »