A Short Cycle Along the Coast

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Chores done this morning. Another round of clothes washing taken care of by the campsite machines, and the van got a new year treat of being washed for the first time since leaving home. It wasn’t looking too bad, still vaguely white at least, but it’s now back to gleaming white. Well almost, can’t quite do as good a job as a valet, at least not without a step ladder and some specialised cleaning products.

There was also the important task of sitting in the sunshine for a while. The suntan is definitely starting to make an appearance, I am afraid to say. Unfortunately the wind picked up this afternoon which skuppered the sun bathing as it got a bit chilly.

After lunch was dispatched we decided to move the van closer to the reception building as the wifi was proving unreliable. The speed is still not great due it being on a satellite link, and I discovered this evening that they have duff DNS servers that are not responding for properly for half the site I actually want to get. But I have a work around for that – use Google’s public DNS servers!

So after the chores were taken care of, we set off on the bikes for a leisurely peddle south along the coast, passing through the nearby town of Alcossobre, and onwards to Torrenostra. Whilst the former looks a little more of a functional town, the latter seems to consist almost exclusively of apartments and hotels, and therefore seemed quite dead by comparison.

But the sun was shining nicely, albeit heading off to bed. As we peddled along I was day dreaming of cycling the entire European coastline one day, a combination of Eurovelo’s 1 and 8, the Atlantic Coast Route (part of which I experienced as we came down the west coast of France a few weeks back) and the Mediterranean Route (which in effect were are now experiencing!)

I think I worked out a while back that combined they are over 5,000 miles. Now that would be a bike ride!

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