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Eurovelo 6 – Day 17 – Besançon to Montbéliard

Click Here for the Full Interactive Map After yesterday’s washout, the sun is shining when we wake. The shoes however still have memories of the day before, but not too uncomfortable. I seemed to be struggling for the word go, feeling ok but not as interested in breakfast as I should have been. Not really enough fuel for the day… Read more »

Eurovelo 6 – Day 16 – Verdun-sur-le-Doubs to Besançon

Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Ok, so it turns out that yesterday was not exactly the most unpleasant day. At least the sun was shining. After yesterday’s ‘maladie’ I felt much better this morning. Jones had spent the night taking issue with the decoration of the bathroom, but things appeared to have calmed down by the time we’d… Read more »

Besançon – Eyeballing the June Cycling Trip

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Brilliant!  We’ve stopped overnight in Besançon, the point at which the current trip south crosses the route of the June Bike Trip.  I was looking forward to this, particularly after the cycling trip this weekend. I know its just a strip of tarmac/gravel/whatever, but to actually see something that you’ll cycling over in about three and a half months time… Read more »