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Bath Graffiti

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I found the graffiti in Bristol to be typically depressing, although wondered how they got such crisp lines with a humble spray can. Any attempt I made would look distinctly out of focus by comparison. But I’m the outskirts of Bath, the graffiti took on an altogether better level of education. It seems that physics even comes into the equation… Read more »

Bristol to Bath

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After spending a pleasant afternoon and evening sampling the delights of Bristol, staying over at an AirBNB host on a very comfortable sofa bed, I said farewell to my Canadian and Estonian hosts, I wandered back into the centre to find breakfast to. Set me up for the day. One ham and cheese omelette later and I picked up the… Read more »

Pompeii’s Vivid Artistry

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Yesterday was about the first proper wet day since we arrived. About an inch of rain over the course of the day, so we had a duvet day, read, watched a film, and generally chilled, much like Christmas Day. Today we are off on the train to Sorrento and perhaps a bus ride along the Amalfi coast. It’s a grey… Read more »