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iPad Bug – Choosing March 2013 Month View Crashes iCal

Just come across this problem, and quickly managed to work out how to get around it. Symptoms: You have an ‘all-day’ or birthday event (from Address Book) configured for 1st April 2013, and the relevant calendar is selected for display. Select Month View Navigate to March 2013 – Crash! Update: On 28th January 2013, Apple released iOS 6.1 which appears… Read more »

Apples Poor UI Choices in iOS and OS X Lion

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iCal's Year View on OS X Lion

Thoughts on Skeuomorphism in UI Design – Kaishinlab Skeuomorphs in UI design refer to interface elements that retain obsoleted visual or behavioral aspects of the physical objects they are based on. […] Apple has been riding the skeuomorphism wave for more than a decade, alienating pundits and users alike in every episode, the most recent of which involves the redesigned… Read more »