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Sainte-Eulalie in the Valle de Célé, Lot Valley

Bright and early start this morning, as lots to try and fit in (not sure of there is a pun there). Continued along the Valle de Célé towards Figeac, and found this quaint village of Sainte-Eulalie with its medieval priory building, and a collection of charming little stone built houses.

Lots of the Lot Valley

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A slow day of pottering around the Lot Valley which was a delightful experience. Very unspoilt, lots of vineyards (although I resisted) and charming stone built villages. I ventured through the Valle de Céle, a tributary of the Lot, a lovely gorge with huge escarpments right up to, and in some case overhanging the road. The houses were literally glues… Read more »

Out of the Pyrenees and into the Lot Valley

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A chilly night outside, but nice and snug in the van with the has hearing on. Wild camping means surviving on my measly 25mb a day roaming data limit, but it probably does me good to use the Internet less! Familiar roads to start with as I descended into Laruns and the headed on towards Pau, where it was time… Read more »