Lots of the Lot Valley

A slow day of pottering around the Lot Valley which was a delightful experience. Very unspoilt, lots of vineyards (although I resisted) and charming stone built villages. I ventured through the Valle de Céle, a tributary of the Lot, a lovely gorge with huge escarpments right up to, and in some case overhanging the road. The houses were literally glues to the rock face, as if emerging from a waterfall. Fascinating. Not sure I’d want such an edifice in my back garden – you’d be forever fixing files I suspect!

I stopped for the night in the valley at Brangues, a charming, sleepy little village. The municipal campsite was closed for the winter, but I was able to pull up in a recreations area alongside without problem. Very peaceful, apart from the noise from the water race in the river alongside, but rural charm at its best.

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