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The Bahia Palace, Marrakech

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Our last day in Morocco, and time to tick off a couple of sights that we missed at the start of the trip. The palace is a grand house and gardens, each room decorated lavishly with hand carved plaster and tiles. A bit more schlepping through the souks, this time taking more time to ponder what there was to buy,… Read more »

If You Think You Had A Shit Day, Try This

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Now here’s a job with prospects. The prospect of not standing in shit and urine, going home, and having a shower. Except that’s probably not going to do it is it? These are the leather tanneries in Marrakech, still operated in the age old fashion of soaking the skins in piss and pigeon shit for a month to soften the… Read more »

Leaving Marrakech

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Our last day in Marrakech, we walked into town again to finalise details for our trip over the next four days, across the Atlas Mountains to the edge of the Sahara. Expect contrasts including snow and ice on the pass, and sun and sand in the desert. Expect lack of Internet for a few days, then we are heading to… Read more »

The Souks of Marrakech

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We are the only residents of the hotel, but yesterday a couple of Brits turned up in a campervan, so we swapped travel tales over dinner. They suggested sharing a taxi into the city today, but decided in the end to have a domestic day, as they’d been touring for weeks and the van looked a bit sorry for itself…. Read more »


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Walking into the denture of the city and the main square, a hustle and bustle of people selling all sorts, but probably quiet compared to the busier months. We found a good restaurant for lunch, agreeably priced and with a view over the market stalls. Having been up for long and walked quiet a bit with backpacks, we decided to… Read more »

Walking around Rural Marrakech

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First proper day, and a slow start. Lying in to catch up on sleep, taking the time for a leisurely breakfast by the pool, Atlas Mountains in the distance, then making the mistake of doing email and discovering things can’t let you take a holiday. Finally we spent a couple of hours walking through the farmland around the campsite. Not… Read more »

Bristol to Marrakech

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Sparrows fart. The only way to describe getting up so damn early. Probably the most uncivilised part of travelling by low cost airline. I don’t know. The price you pay! Very pretty watching the sun rise to join us above the clouds. The three and a half hour flight was over quickly, helped by getting 20 minutes early. The airport… Read more »