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New Perspectives on Places We Know

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It’s funny how small changes can alter the way you see things that you are already familiar with. Last night we went to the pub in Langley Marsh, a perfectly normal thing, apart from the fact we were starting from a different base. The 3 minute walk was going to be more like 15, and would take us past the… Read more »

At Last – A Truly Minimalist House

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So this is it! After several years of trying to lead a more minimalist lifestyle, I’ve whittled the house down to a completely empty state! Perfect! Seriously though, this was our last day in the house as we’ve now let it out for the next year so that we can lead a more mobile lifestyle in the Motorhome. The last… Read more »

Birthday Treat on Dartmoor

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I get to be birthday boy today, and so we’ve taken a short break, out in the Motorhome on the edge of Dartmoor. We found a nice simple campsite on the hill above Buckfast Abbey, with views out across the Moor. Although the weather looks a little showery, we intend to get on the bikes, head over to Hexworthy for… Read more »

To France, Au Revoir, To England, It’s Good to be Back

Dover Castle welcomes me back to British shores, after a slightly stirring crossing. Another half an hour of that and I’d have been sicker than the exchange rate in the ships coffee shop when paying in Euro’s. Of course they accept them, at 50% markup! Bless P&O and all who sail in her. My other uncomfortable experience on the way… Read more »

The Return to Ojos Negros

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The Emblase de Entrepeños, at Sacedón, Castille-Le Mancha

Today was to mark the return to the Via Verdes de las Ojos Negros, most of which I cycled back in January. I didn’t make it quite to the end at the time, to the mines themselves at the head of the old railway line, at Ojos Negros. As I was heading broadly in that direction to get to Zaragoza,… Read more »

A Scenic Drive From Humilladero to Marbella via Ronda

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A Sweeping Curve of the Carreterra de Ronda on the Approach to Marbella

On the move again in search of some sun and sea (steady!). The drive from Humilladero to Ronda was particularly picturesque, lusher than I was expecting and also somewhat reminiscent of Scotland (on a particularly fine day). A mixture of rolling hills, rocky out crops and craggy mountains. Nice for a change to see some wind turbines actually putting in… Read more »

Wildcamping in Salobreña

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Snow on the Sierra Nevadas, as seen from Salobreña on the Costa Tropical

Just a short hop along the coast today for a change of scene. The camping at Castillo de Baños was actually quite fine, but only if you were happy to sit in a deck chair all day, or have the means to wander further afield, i.e. a car. You could have taken the bikes out, but it was either a… Read more »

Into the Spanish Hills

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People camp in the strangest places. We thought our overnight stop was busking it a little, we spent the whole evening listening to mildly exuberant teenagers not far from the van. We assumed it was the local teenagers hangout, and were just surprised they were braving the cold. They went by midnight, so not an issue. Except the voices were… Read more »