Into the Spanish Hills

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People camp in the strangest places. We thought our overnight stop was busking it a little, we spent the whole evening listening to mildly exuberant teenagers not far from the van. We assumed it was the local teenagers hangout, and were just surprised they were braving the cold. They went by midnight, so not an issue. Except the voices were back at 8am. Strange we thought. Then realised once we peered outside that there were about 12 of them, in the throws of filling backpacks with camping kit! They’d obviously camped by the side of the road (a small layby on the edge of a seaside town), seemingly an odd choice but behind the hedge there was a reasonably flat if gravelly area.

After breakfast we set off across the peninsula and through the Cap de Creus National Park – hilly and a lovely windy road to negotiate, followed by great views across the bay of Roses, Figueres and the Pyrenees beyond, complete with snowy topping.

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