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How do you Manage Redraw in UITableView?

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I’m kind of stuck on this one, and hoping that someone can lend a hand.  I just can’t quite figure out how I’m supposed to manage the redraw of UITableViewCell‘s in a UITableView.  Going in and out of Editing mode I need to refresh the section footers (as per this post on a problem reordering cells into empty sections), but… Read more »

Moving UITableViewCell between Sections in Grouped UITableView

UITableView contains the necessary logic to allow movement of cells (or rows) between sections in a grouped UITableView, but there appears to be a bug that prevents you from moving a row into an empty section.  There is however a workaround! The Problem Figure 1 shows how the view might appear.  Section 1 has two rows, and section 2 has… Read more »