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Walking Into Wiveliscombe

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Sunday saw the first of the new Wivey Town Markets, inspired in part by the successful 10 Parishes Festival Street Markets held in September. If things go to plan, this should give Wivey a quarterly market throughout the year. Whilst I have some connection to the Festival Markets, I don’t with these Town Markets. We decided to walk down from… Read more »

Microadventure – Quantocks Walk and Overnight Camping

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At last, after much preparation and testing, an actual adventure to embark upon! An overnight trip, ostensibly to test out the practicality of wild camping. A chance for a decent long walk and to explore some of the local countryside. The objective – walk from home to the Quantock Hills, camp overnight, and then walk back the following day. Figure… Read more »

Langley Marsh to Willet Hill Walk

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Time again for a decent walk out, and another chance to get used to hiking with the backpack full with kit for a full on microadventure. Also a chance to try out some leg gaiters to try and prevent the spread of sticky mud up the trousers, which is obviously going to be a feature of this time of the… Read more »

Manor Farm, Lydeard Hill Walk, Quantock Hills

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Another sunny Sunday, and so time to take a break and get outside again. Mel had to do some work first thing, so it was lunchtime before we got going, and so only a 6 mile walk this time. We opted for the Quantocks for this, and parked at Cothelstone Hill car park, and then took a guided walk that… Read more »

Walking Withypool to Cow Castle Loop

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Mel and I decided that we should take advantage of todays good weather, take a break from renovations, and get into the great outdoors. I decided that this was a good opportunity to take a partially loaded backpack, the first steps in preparing for some micro-adventures. I can’t actually remember ever doing any hiking with a backpack in my life… Read more »

Microadventures – When Macroadventures Don’t Come Soon Enough

We are itching to get away to milder, or at least more adventurous climbs, but are resigned now to the fact its not going to happen this side of the New Year. Meanwhile, I found this post about Microadventures that got me thinking. Perhaps I don’t need a grand adventure, or at least don’t need to fret about delaying it a little, if I can find simpler ways of finding an adventure closer to home.

A Nice Walk on the Quantocks

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Last weekend our friend Derryl came to visit, bringing along the new man in her life, Ash. Lovely to see Derryl again, and great to meet Ash for the first time, a lovely chap. We decided a little exercise was necessary to balance out the general debauched-ness of food and drink, and so headed over to the Quantocks for a… Read more »

Walking in the Cotswolds

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It don’t get much better than this! Despite a couple of short, sharp showers, so far we’ve enjoyed better than expected weather and some very enjoyable scenery. About 12 miles covered yesterday, a nice pub stop to avoid a shower at lunchtime (liquid only) followed by a gargantuan pork pie that did more to slow progress than the beer. More… Read more »

A Walk in the Park (National Ordesa)

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Yet another lovely morning, and so I got made my mind up – a walk in the Ordesa National Park, only half an hour along the valley from the campsite at Gavin. I headed for the village of Torla which is the access point for the park. I was hoping the visitor centre would be open so I could find… Read more »