How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

If you are having problems with getting an Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or trackpad from connecting to your Mac (iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro), you can try this trick. The following mentions the keyboard, but it should work for other wireless devices that have a on/off switch of the contact type (i.e. press on and off, rather than a physical slide switch).

  1. Switch off the keyboard by holding down the power button for at least 3 seconds
  2. Click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar
  3. Click on “Set Up Bluetooth Device” or “Open Bluetooth Preferences”
  4. Turn on the keyboard by holding down the power button, BUT DO NOT LET GO OF THE POWER BUTTON. It must be kept held down through the entire process.
  5. The Setup Assistant will find the keyboard, so click the name of the keyboard, and then click on “Continue”. Make sure you are still holding the power button down.
  6. You will be prompted for the Pairing Code. You can now release the power button, type the pairing code on the keyboard and then press return. There will be a slight delay whilst the pairing completes (a few seconds)
  7. The keyboard will now be Paired.

So just to clarify, the trick is to continually HOLD DOWN THE POWER BUTTON.

What if this doesn’t work for you?

Is this the problem you are searching for? As stated above, this is for when you have problems pairing, specifically with a Mac. I don’t have other non-Apple devices I want to pair my keyboard with, so have no idea if the steps outlined above will help you if you are on Windows, Android, Linux or anything else.

There are some generic tips that might point you in the right direction. I don’t wish to point out the obvious, but sometimes in frustration these things can be overlooked.

Are you working with a fresh set of non-rechargeable batteries?

Apple’s keyboards are known not to work well with rechargeable batteries as the voltage they supply is too irregular. Battery life on alkalines is in the order of 6 months plus, so there really isn’t any reason to use rechargeables. Any battery that is providing low voltage or irregular current will result in all sorts of weird behaviour. Don’t assume that batteries fresh out the packet are good, try another to be sure.

Have you unpaired the keyboard with any previously paired Mac, iPhone or iPad?

Apple specifically state this in their instructions, and pairing and connection behaviour is undefined if there is a previously paired machine within communication range (up to 10 metres). If you no longer have the machine, or it is well out of range, you may be able to skip this step, but if you can, remove the pairing from the old machine. On the old machine, just go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and highlight the keyboard you want to pair elsewhere, and click the ‘-‘ at the bottom of the list to remove the pairing. Unfortunately you do need to identify any other paired machines, as you can’t tell the keyboard to forget the pairing that is stored on the old machine. This can be big issue in large offices – perhaps IT took your old machine away, gave you a new one, and then reissued your old machine to someone else, perhaps even on an adjacent floor. If they forget to remove the Bluetooth pairings, this can create all sorts of strife, and of course your co-workers may not be happy for you to go digging around in their machines changing settings they don’t understand.

Is there any other device causing interference?

Bluetooth keyboards use the same 2.4ghz frequency used by Wifi and Cordless telephones, not to mention that you may have numerous other Bluetooth devices within the vicinity, paired with the target machine or with others nearby. Bluetooth is a great technology, but it can’t work miracles when there is a lot of electronic noise nearby. If you can’t eliminate interference, you may have to go back to a corded keyboard.

Are you getting incorrect characters, symbols or non-functional keys when using the keyboard?

Lets face it, tech breaks. Even tech by reputable companies like Apple. The only way to check is to unpair the keyboard with your machine, pair it with another, test, and if it works, unpair and pair again. Something of a pain in practice. Also, there are multiple places on OS X where keyboard behaviour can be modified, i.e. you press a particular key on the keyboard, but some other function occurs on the Mac. You need to check System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources are correct for your locale. Check System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts don’t have incorrect behaviours defined. Individual applications can also modify behaviour, so if you’ve recently installed new software, check there. Also, check System Preferences > Language & Text > Text to see if there are any substitutions that could be causing problems. Use the ‘Restore Defaults’ button where provided to be sure, although bear in mind any legitimate customisations you’ve already made may be lost.

Can you even reset an Apple keyboard?

There is actually no evidence that the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard even supports a reset function. Apple state in their troubleshooting documents that you reset the keyboard by turning it off, then on again. Does that fix the problem outlined above – nope – but the steps above do. Go figure.

As far as Bluetooth technology is concerned, there is no requirement for the device, such as a keyboard, to have any settings that might need resetting. The device can essentially be ‘dumb’. When you make a pairing between a device and its host computer, it is the host the remembers the pairing by noting the hardware identifier supplied by the device during the pairing process. Just because during pairing on an Apple keyboard you type a pairing code onto the keyboard doesn’t mean the keyboard remembers that – it only needs to pass it to the host during the pairing to confirm that you have the correct physical keyboard, in case there are others nearby also in pairing mode.

Whilst this article is titled ‘how to reset…’ I’m not intending to confirm that there is some hidden reset function that Apple forgot to mention. I only use the ‘reset’ word in the title because that is the common term used by people when they want to make something work when all else appears to fail. I spent a fair amount of time trying to resolve this problem for myself, digging through plenty of irrelevant articles before I found what I was looking for. None of them suggested that there was an official, documented (or even undocumented) way of doing a reset on an Apple keyboard.

Now it is apparent that the trick outlined above does seem to do something that just and off/on doesn’t do. That doesn’t mean the Apple keyboard remembers something. There may be some state that is preserved that merely means it doesn’t pair to a new device reliably, but its not clear what it is. If you don’t consider that a reset, then fine, but for all intents and purposes, it is.

Still not getting satisfaction?

I’d love to hear from you. But please, help humanity by taking the time to describe your actual problem, otherwise how on earth is anyone expected to help you. Flaming others isn’t nice. I’ve expanded this article from its original succinct set of instructions in the hope that it sheds more light on the subject. Lets see what happens.

268 thoughts on “How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)”

      1. I tried every possible recommended fix and nothing worked UNTIL I performed the ‘hold the power button’ fix Dave suggested. THIS WORKS!!

        Bottom line – one fix does not fit all! Keep trying and get the right fix for your problem. After a week of trying everything, my trackpad is back up and running! Yeah!!!


      2. What button on a wireless apple keyboard is the power button. All I did was change the bat tiers out on my keyboard and it won’t connect to my apple keyboard?

      3. Bless you! After diddling away several hours, trying and failing at every other published solution, yours worked in an instant. Many thanks.

    1. Dave, THANK YOU!!

      Random keys on my apple wireless keyboard stopped working all of a sudden, a couple of months back. Tried everything, searched every nook and corner of the interwebs and couldn’t find a solution. Ruled it out as hardware issue/fried chipset and gave up.

      Came across this post and thought I would just give it a whirl. Held the power button for a while and that did the trick ! Works flawlessly.

      Thank you very much !

    2. This worked, but only after I uninstalled USB Overdrive. I found another support forum where someone suggested that USB Overdrive could interfere with the pairing of a magic trackpad. I uninstalled USB Overdrive and then followed the instructions here…finally, a successful pairing! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I would have returned the trackpad out of sheer frustration!

    3. I have a macbook pro and a mac mini. I have two bluetooth keyboards, one for each. The macbook had problems with it’s keyboard(1), which (the keyboard) is a little older, so I decided to swap them. Since my mac mini is also a little older. I deleted the keyboard(1) from the device list of the macbook pro. (also did this with the mac mini and it’s keyboard(2)). I connected the older keyboard(1) to the mac mini and the newer keyboard(2) to the mac book pro. worked fine for 2 months. Today was a glitch. Keyboard(1) is supposed to be connected to the mac mini, but keeps connecting back to the macbook pro. This keyboard isn’t even listed in the devices under the preferences, but is listed as connected in the bluetooth menu bar. I want to delete the Keyboard(1) from the macbook pro, but how can I when It’s not listed as a device in the BT preferences. Help!

      1. I overcame this by borrowing my next door neighbour’s wired mouse and keyboard to turn bluetooth on again and pair my mouse and keyboard. Bit of a fag though and I bet my neighbour is getting fed up with me. I still have the problem that bluetooth turns off every time I shut down the computer and so no mouse or keyboard until I go next door and grovel……………

    4. I tried every combination of these tips and tricks….but nothin’ worked for me. I followed the notes here perfectly…not fixed at all.

      I’ve almost busted a finger holding in the power button….so frustrating!!!! Keyboard just will not pair or be discoverable!!!

      It may be an issue inside the iMac??!!

      1. Same for me. Do not have access to the original paired machine. Have followed the directions diligently, religiously, carelessly and without any regards to any religious faith. Holding down the power bottom does at least make my Apple keyboard discoverable but no matter how long I hold down the power button it simply will not pair. It just eventually gives me the dreaded warning exclamation mark inside a triangle telling me that it could not pair. Have tried new batteries, no batteries, steam powered batteries, solar batteries and assault and batteries. Nope! Would love to know if there is another way. Thanks to all who have given their advice in an effort to help. Much appreciated.

        1. Sorry to hear thats not working for you. If the machine you thought it used to be paired to is really no longer there, then it can’t be interfering. Are you sure there are no other Apple devices (or non-Apple for that matter) in the vicinity that it might ever have been paired with? It might be reconnecting to those and denying the new pairing. Frustrating I know, but that tends to be what it turns out to be.

    5. Holding power button just worked for me!!! I installed the “Mobee” charging bar and was prepared to return it after reading here about recharging batteries issues but seems to work fine now. Thank you

  1. Thank you so much, Dave. The first and only guide that works for me. Easy to understand. Why is it not printed in Apple’s Bluetooth manuals. Would make life much easier for a lot of people.

  2. Thanks so much! I thought my keyboard was toast, but it just needed a reset. Nice that Apple left this tip off their troubleshooting page 😛

  3. To reset the wireless b;luetooth apple mouse. I held it upside down and held the click down. then power it one. And it works – so yes it works for mice too.. Thanks for the tip

  4. This solution does not represent the title. This is not resetting the keyboard, or mouse, or trackpad. Does anyone actually know how to reset these devices? My keyboard consistently connects to a different computer than the one I would like to use it on. The solution provided here does not resolve this.

    1. Brett, thanks for the feedback but the title is accurate. These instructions reset the device. In your instance, you need to tell OS X to forget the Bluetooth device so it won’t auto connect to it. Once paired, the device should reconnect to the last machine, but due to signal issues it can connect to any paired device in range.

      Go to Bluetooth preferences on the machine you don’t want it to connect to and remove the device from the list. If you do in future want to connect to that machine, you’ll need to re-pair.

      1. Thank you for your response, but I respectfully disagree. These instructions do not reset the bluetooth device, but seem to allow a device to pair when having some kind of difficulty. My situation is different. I work in an environment where there are dozens of Mac computers and I have no idea which this device is actually paired to. It would be very difficult, at best, to allow it to connect and then go to each computer to see if it is the offending one. Using your instructions, my keyboard continued to connect to the wrong computer. I need a way to totally and completely reset the keyboard so that it does not maintain any of its previous pairing information.

        1. Thanks again for your considerate reply and extra detail. I think this comes down to whether you think its the keyboard or the Mac that is remembering the pairing. I think you will find that its the Mac that remembers – the device just presents itself.

          When pairing a keyboard, the Mac proposes a passcode that is entered on the keyboard, but the keyboard just uses that to provide verification that it is the same physical keyboard that requested the pairing (not another within the vicinity). The Mac then records the fact that a device with a particular hardware ID is paired so that it doesn’t need to ask again.

          If you look at the Apple Support article on Bluetooth pairing ( and look in the section ‘Pairing you Apple Wireless Keyboard with another Mac’, you’ll see that it notes that you must unpair with the original machine if it is within 10 metres before pairing with the new machine. If you do not do this, it will be arbitrary which Mac makes a connection at the next attempt (although the support doc actually say that it is my experience).

          The instructions in my article do correctly represent how to reset the bluetooth device, although in reality there is little that this seems to achieve but it does seem to be necessary to overcome certain issues when connection cannot be established. The keyboards do seem to remember something about the last paired machine, which only may be to allow it to make a quicker connection when that machine starts announces its presence. But whatever it remembers it can cause it to have problems connecting later.

          Your problem seems to be that you either have a keyboard that is not connecting to the desired machine (and should therefore be reset), or that there is another Mac nearby that it is connecting to out of chance or by choice. By identifying which machine has the erroneous pairing and removing it from the Bluetooth settings, you should be able to keep your keyboard connecting to the desired system.

          I hope this info help you, I know that Bluetooth issues can be extremely frustrating because most Bluetooth devices have no ‘user interface’ other than a status LED which is usually less than helpful when you have problems (particularly with Apple devices!)

          If you do find that this info is not helpful, please feel free to post your comments with some explanation or alternative solutions so as to help others. This post gets over 2,000 hits per month so this is no doubt a common cause for concern.

        2. Brett, Why don’t you take the keyboard and the computer you want to pair it with 100 yards away from all the other computers – then you can be sure the keyboard cannot communicate with any of those other computers. Dave, Thank you for your painstaking efforts to explain this topic to us all.

        3. Brett, one solution is to put all the Macs asleep and then press a key on the keyboard. That will wake up the offending Mac. Another option:

          Press Command+Shift+A and that will open Applications on the offending Mac.

    2. Just in case someone comes across this and are wondering the same thing seven months later – actually my problem was having to reset the keyboard. Thanks to this web page, I knew to uninstall the keyboard on BOTH my computers, install new batteries, and then do as Dave suggested. It worked all because I had to reset the keyboard. Thank you!

  5. I’m not sure this author knows the difference between a reset of the keyboard and a repairing of bluetooth…a reset is what you do when you set it back to factory specs, say after you changed the default language.

    1. Shawn, thanks for the reply. It’s not possible to change the language of the keyboard – you can change the input source which correlates with the physical keyboard layout (i.e. position of certain letters and symbols, which varies from country to country). That isn’t a function of the keyboard though, its a function of OS X. The keyboard isn’t aware, or care, about how the OS interpret the keypresses. So these instructions are accurate for resetting a keyboard, and do not cover changing input sources in OS X.

      1. I was having the same problem of not being able to pair my iPad with my Apple wireless keayboard too that I had already paired with it. I couldn’t firgure out for the longest time why my iPad couldn’t see the keyboard anylonger. Then it hit me, I had paired it with my Apple TV and that had canceled out the iPad. As soon as I “Forget” the device it worked on the iPad again. I hope this helps.

  6. Okay. We must need the blog titled “how to Hard reset apple keyboard to factory defaults”. Dave, maybe you have a link? This blog wouldn’t get 2000 hits per month if the title read ‘How to pair a apple device with a mac’, as it should be. I don’t have a mac, any help for PC/Android users? Perhaps leaving the batteries out for 5 mins will HARD reset the keyboard. Maybe if we type the word ‘reset’ 3 times and turn it upside down. Oh. I’m so silly. I’m sure if I take it to the Apple store they’ll give me a fresh one.

    1. Sorry that you and a few others don’t seem to get the solution you want from this article. Perhaps if you try Googling for that article title suggestion you’ll have better luck, as this page doesn’t appear in the search results.

  7. Thanks to you I’m typing this message from my wireless keyboard after hours of trying to reconnect it to my computer. You rock! Thanks!!

  8. Thanks for this. Also worked to fix connection issue with a 1st gen iPad. Had been connected fine in the past, but along the way the Bluetooth connections seem to get corrupted. For the iPad, the only difference in instructions is to click on the iPad’s Settings icon (the grey ‘gear’ symbol), then click on ‘Bluetooth,’ (make sure bluetooth is on, btw). There is no “set up bluetooth device” selection, just a list of currently or previously connected devices. Likely your Apple Keyboard may not be evident here. If it is, you may want to click on arrow to the right and select “Forget this Device” in the menu that opens if you’ve been unable to connect. Then, do as instructed here, hold down power button continuously on keyboard that has been shut off. The keyboard should now appear on list, (on mine it shows in black type whereas other devices appear in blue type.) After you select it, there will not be a “Continue” command, but pairing window should just appear. OK now to let go of button, enter the pairing code, and it shoud show “Connected” to the right of the Apple Keyboard device on list. It may say, “So-&-so’s Keyboard” with your name unless it’s a brand new keyboard. Thanks.

  9. tks SO MUCH for this! was going nuts trying to figure this out & then my husband came across your article and fixed it on the spot… thank you!!

  10. My husband and I tried everything we could think of, even things I read in the “iMac for Dummies” (I’m not very computer-savy)! Nothing was working, tried new batteries, found the power button on the keyboard, etc. For 2 weeks, I couldn’t really use my computer, just my phone. In desperation, I kept trying ideas from websites–and finally found yours on my phone. I tried it 4 or 5 times trying to type in the code, as my keyboard finally was recognized. Then the computer said it didn’t connect– until my husband restarted the computer. Wow! It worked, and I am using it now. Thank you!

  11. Hi. I’ve had my wireless keyboard since 2010. It has been working properly. I use it with my iPad. It is the late 2009 model with only two batteries. Well, today it decided not to pair with my iPad. First it would display the name of the Keyboard in the tablet, but not connect. Then I umpaired them, turned all Bluetooth devices of and tried to pair it again with my iPad. Nothing. Then the keyboard’s name disappeared and now it is just label as Keyboad. Well, Iv’e been reading forums for hours. It seems that my keyboard behaves ike it’s paired to some goshtly device that doesn’t exists. When I turn it on, the LED won’t blink as when it is umpaired and now the other devices are only able to see the keyboard when it’s being turned on. No device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) can now pair to it. I’ve replaces the batteries, fresh, new, and not rechargable; I’ve pressed down the power button, but it seems that it is paired to something… Even if I’m in the middle of nowehere, with no bluetooth devices on, the thing thinks its paired to a ghostly MAC. I cannot reset it.


  12. I have an iMac and the bluetooth mouse and keyboard stopped responding last week. At first the bluetooth connection was dropping and reconnecting every 30 seconds or so. When I was able to connect I went through the PRAM and SMC reset and that didn’t fix it. Now they will not connect at all. I went and bought a USB mouse and keyboard thinking it was just a bluetooth issue but those do not work either. I’ve read that reinstalling the OS might fix it but I had a CD in the drive when this started and I can’t get it out. Hope someone might have some ideas on what might fix this. This thing is less than 2 years old and the entire reasoning behind purchasing it was that the Mac would last much longer than a PC! Hope I wasn’t wrong about that.

    1. You should use a USB keyboard in order to do a PRAM reset, bluetooth keyboards don’t connect early enough in the boot sequence. If you cannot get a USB keyboard or mouse to work then its possible that you have a hardware failure on the USB controller – the Bluetooth controller is connected via USB in many Macs, so a failed USB controller will likely disable bluetooth also.

  13. Wow! Thank you for the tip that rechargeable batteries won’t do the trick. Have used Apple everything since 1988, including purchasing the Apple batteries and charger last December. Wow. Yours is the explanation for my mouse suddenly jumping aimlessly. I feel scammed by Apple, and that is something I’ve never experienced before. Truly disappointed in Apple. Thank you, Dave, for your help. (installed charge rechargeable Apple batteries….the mouse is still jumping around…difficult to select “submit”)

    1. Lisa, thanks for the reply. Whilst Apple obviously make their own battery charger, and therefore condone the use of rechargeable, there has always been an issue with power quality from rechargeable batteries. Quality makes a difference, and no reason to suspect that Apple are using anything inferior, but when the life on alkalines is as good as it is, I’ve never seen a good reason to use rechargeables.

  14. Fantastic! Worked like a charm the first time. Clear and simple procedure to fix a problem that Apple seems to have forgotten about… Thank you, Dave.

  15. Nice one, the holding down the power button during pairing worked a treat! I’d tried everything else (PRAM resets, removing my Bluetooth.plist files etc).

    This was the only method that worked.


  16. Hi,

    The trick works, my keyboard even got my name attached to it.

    But, my keyboard still doesn’t work. Some keys are not responding. I tried to pair it with my iPad and the same keys were not working. So, I guess my keyboard did not like it when I cleaned it up with Windex…

  17. My keyboard was paired with the ipad as well as with my macbook pro. Suddenly it stopped working with the ipad. The ipad still seemed to be paired with it (no keyboard shows up on the touchscreen) but I cannot seem to write using the wireless keyboard anyway. I did as you instructed and removed the pairing from the macbook pro, tried to reset the pairing on the ipad but still not working. Re-pairing it with macbook pro makes me conclude that there does not seem to be problems with (fresh) batteries, but something else is preventing it from pairing with ipad. Any ideas?

    1. I would remove the pairings with all devices, then just add ack to the ipad.

      If you go to the Bluetooth settings on the ipad, it does tell you if the device is paired. If the keyboard is not popping up it suggests something is connected, but maybe not wht you think. It’s easy to get frustrated by this stuff!

  18. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I’ve been trying EVERYTHING for the past 1/2 hour and was just about ready to slam my keyboard against the wall.

  19. After an hour of searching all the official apple articles – this is the one that worked! THANKYOU!

    Now back to looking at kittens on the internet.

  20. Hi, interestingly, I tried the holding of the power button during the pairing a few weeks ago as the ‘fault’ appears to be that the pairing light goes off after only a few seconds thus disconnecting from the PC before pairing is completed. It didn’t work for me then. Read your article today, tried it again and… now works.

    A tad random but hey….thanks. Pete….

  21. Fantastic !!! it worked after what seemed an eternity searching forums your simple instructions were perfect ‘HOLD DOWN THE ON/OFF BUTTON CONTINUALLY”

    1. When you are running the Bluetooth Assistant it shows you the pairing code, which you enter on the keyboard (and you MUST remember to hit Enter at the end).

  22. Thanks. Holding the power button worked for me. Couldn’t figure that out for myself and could find no help on Apple Support site.

  23. For me, after an OSX update, I could not log into my computer because my mac mini would not pair with my mac BT keyboard (like the one in the picture at the top of this post). No matter how long I held the power button, the green light just kept flashing, and anyway, I was unable to go into the settings on the computer, because I could not log in.

    In the end, after some experimentation – I tried to take the batteries out, and put them back in – I tried to reset the computer – it seems like what worked was to take the battery cap, hold down the power button, and replace the battery cap whilst doing so. After that, the keyboard immediately paired. I don’t see why this would work, perhaps it was just removing the battery cap once more which did it, but that’s what happened.

  24. Hi Dave. Enjoy your helpful advice. Finally managed to pair I mac and New wireless keyboard. Finally typing but SO SLOW! Have you any thoughts about possible remedies?

  25. Apple came up trumps and I have managed to pair the keyboard with the I Mac and locate the reason for the slow performance. The keyboard now functions perfectly.

  26. My wireless keyboard and mouse stopped working at the same time. The batteries are fine and I tried your trick here but it didn’t work. This apple keyboard and mouse came with my 27″ imac and even picks up fine on my MacBook Air and iPhone. Neither show up at all on my imac. When I tell the bluetooth on my imac to discover the new devices it just searches over and over and never finds anything. It appears as though my bluetooth is malfunctioning…is there a way to reset it? Update it? Fix it? Thanks!

    1. Jared sorry to hear of the problems. Make sure you remove each device from the Air and ipad as well as the iMac before trying the above trick, or they could be preventing the pairing. If this fails, try pairing any other Bluetooth device with the iMac to establish if the Bluetooth is faulty. You could try a PRAM reset on the iMac if you have a wired keyboard to hand, but not sure this would help, maybe worth a try.

  27. Thanks, keeping the power button pressed while clicking on ‘Continue’ until the code input dialogue appeared, was the solution.

  28. I had this problem. Updated to Mavericks, and first time I rebooted, the Bluetooth Assistant tried to pair my bluetooth wireless keyboard and with my iMac but it said my keyboard was not “discoverable.”

    I couldn’t fuss with anything because I couldn’t login without a KB. Tried various times to reboot the computer to fix problem but nothing worked. Replaced batteries in KB. Didn’t help.

    Not really very technical so figured I would get rid of all accessories and distractions (near by cell phone, etc).

    The I took the batteries out of the keyboard. Shut the iMac off for a minute… then turned it back on. It started looking for a BT keyboard… couldn’t find anything. After a minute I put the batteries back in the KB, and I guess it was the only possible thing around to pair with so it did.

    Didn’t think it would work but it did.

  29. My iMac recognized my keyboard, but the functions keys were performing tasks other than their assigned functions. The settings indicated that I had more “F” keys than the keyboard actually has. I tried this suggestion and it fixed the problem. Thanks!

  30. Thank You VERY MUCH for this! This should be on apple’s website. Wish this page came up higher in search results too. I spent way to much time visiting webpages (Apple’s included) that said a lot of nothing….nothing relevant, anyway. Thanks again!

  31. Thanks very much for your tips. Worked first time after a frustrating couple of hours. I think the problem was that I had moved an older machine into the same room and there was a conflict.

    Thanks once again

  32. I have a WIRED keyboard, (mac mini 10.8.3) with a Bluetooth mouse, which has been working fine for 6 months. All of a sudden the mouse just ‘disappeared’, so I plugged in a wired mouse, went to System Prefs > Mouse>set up Bluetooth mouse, it just aint’ there under available devices. (I put new batteries in the BT mouse) Any suggestions?

    1. Could just be a failed mouse.

      I guess its possible that the Bluetooth controller on the Mac is no longer working. You could try seeing if it can see any other Bluetooth devices (mobile phone perhaps?). It’s also possible a PRAM reset might help, so try that too. Finally, go to System Report and look at the detailed hardware info for the BT device to see if there is any clue there.

  33. Seems to work right up till I enter the code. Then there is either no reaction to clicking return or I get the message, “pairing attempt was unsuccessful . Click continue to try again.” Nothing happens when I try again.

    1. When I’ve seen this problem before its either because you still have the old pairing on the Mac, or it might be paired with another device still. Go to Bluetooth preferences on all devices that you may have paired with (or own) and remove any existing pairings, then try again, noting the trick with the power button.

  34. Hi Dave,

    My problem, I think, is particularly unique, and unfortunately NOT solved by your suggestion. I’m trying to pair my wireless keyboard with a Mac Mini it has successfully connected to in the past.

    However, in the past it connected to the Mac through a USB bluetooth extender. I had that setup in my previous home, because the Mac Mini was inside a big steel built-in Home Theater rack that caused the built-in bluetooth to not be able to detect my bluetooth mouse and keyboard reliably, especially not if I wasn’t close to the Mac. With the extender plugged in the back I was able to move the bluetooth signal outside the track and into the room. With that setup I was able to use the keyboard and mouse without any problems from anywhere in the room.

    At the time, it was a HUGE PAIN to set that up. Somehow the Mac Mini stores the information for the internal bluetooth in a different location than for the bluetooth extender, and this caused all kinds of weird issues. I had to make sure that the devices were NOT paired with the internal bluetooth before trying to pair it with the external USB extended bluetooth. And what really added to the confusion is that the Apple UI only shows the bluetooth settings for the bluetooth device that is active (internal or external), but does NOT indicate that to the user in any way. Nowhere (if I remember correctly) is there an overview that explicitly indicates: there are two bluetooth devices on this computer, these are the devices paired with those, and this is the one that is currently active! Ultimately through guesswork and informed trial and error we were able to get it to work.

    Anyway, now I have moved into a different setup, I no longer need the bluetooth extender. In fact, I lost it in the move. So, now I am stuck in this situation:

    • Somewhere in the guts of the Mac memory it knows this machine is already paired with my keyboard
    • NOWHERE in the UI does it indicate this; the keyboard is not listed anywhere in the UI, so I cannot unpair it.
    • When I hold the power button on my wireless keyboard (yes, with brand new batteries in it) it simply comes on, does not blink, and no matter for how long I hold that power button, nothing in the UI detects this keyboard as wanting to pair :-(

    What do you think? Does my suspicion of what is going make any sense? Or would it be that my keyboard broke at the exact same time as I moved?

    I’m not sure what to do. At this point I have spent so much time trying to get this to work that I think it’s more cost effective for me to just buy a brand new keyboard :-(((


    1. Erik,

      Thanks for the detailed history, really helps!

      You could try deleting Bluetooth Preferences. There might be two, one in the main Library folder:


      And one in the user folder:


      Delete them both, the completely shutdown the machine (not just a restart) before booting again. You should then be prompted to start pairing again.

      I’d make sure you have a USB keyboard and noise to hand in case you can’t pair the Bluetooth devices – at least you’ll be able to navigate the Mac. Just borrow ones from a friend, and from a PC will be fine.

      If that fails, do the same again, but this time, on restart, do a PRAM reset (web search for the specific instructions). Go through the cycle at least twice before releasing the keys to allow the normal boot up.

      The Mac probably stores the ID’s at least of the initial keyboard and mouse paired with the system, because that normally happens when you first setup the machine. The PRAM reset should clear that.

      Let us know how you get on.

  35. Trouble with key board not responding. First I changed the batteries, then I went to the web and added a small piece of aluminum foil, didn’t change anything. All along I can use the delete function but no keys to type. Found your site, was able to generate a new bluetooth code and resync my blue tooth, at least that was the message I got.

    Nothing has changed. I’ve turned the whole computer on and off and really don’t know what else to try. What does it tell you that I can delete from my keyboard but nothing else?

  36. Un Freaking Believable!! Not even Apple mentions this in their TROUBLESHOOTING docs.. Totally worked to allow me to pair with my Mac after my keyboard was paired with my apple TV.

    Pretty sure what this does is force it back into pairing mode.

    Very awesome work man. I can’t believe Apple doesn’t mention this at all. They seriously suck for that.

  37. Thank you! Holding down the power button during the duration of the procedure was the step I was missing. Your instructions worked beautifully for my missing Apple magic track pad. Cheers

  38. I had problems to reconnect the bluetooth apple key board back to my iMac after recharging the batteries. this was the first time this happened: in the past after recharging & replacing the batteries the key board reconnected in a twiffy. Not this time though! i tried your version by holding down the on-off button of the k-b during the whole set-up: no connection. so i removed the wireless k-b from the bluetooth list and restarted the procedure: bang! this time i got through the connection protocol. so with a little further fine-tuning, your method proved to work. have a nice day & trip, Marc

  39. My keyboard and mouse pairing will only last for about 30 minutes before the connection is lost. I’ve had to reboot my Imac every time this happens. Dave, would your suggestion above be an option? Thanks

    1. Marc – Definitely would recommend deleting the existing pairing, then setting it up again and using the ‘hold power button’ trick. Also consider if you have a strong local source of interference – other Bluetooth devices, 2.4Ghz wifi devices or digital cordless phones. They all use similar frequencies, so another device could be causing the keyboard and mouse to loose their connection with the iMac.

  40. Hello- I just turned my iMac back on after not using it for months and it looks like my keyboard and trackpad are blinking green which I think means it’s not paired. But without a keyboard or mouse I can’t get past the home screen! I feel comepletely stuck and I don’t understand how they can stop working and therefore make your computer completely inaccessible! I changed the batteries and tried the reset and still they look to pair but without logging in I am stuck :( welcome all tips!!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Yes very annoying. You may need to borrow a USB keyboard (or buy one, they cost as little as $5, any will do), just so you can get booted, then remove the pairing and try again. You may need to do a PRAM reset as well.

  41. Hey Dave,

    I seem to have an unique issue where Num keys 1-9 are not working. Every other keys are fine. Strangely the Keyboard got unpaired from the Mac by itself & now can’t pair it back as number keys not working, any suggestions? Currently using a USB keyboard,

    1. I seem to remember having a problem when pairing where, in my case, the enter key was not working, so maybe its a glitch in the setup. I’d make sure its not shown as a paired device, reboot, then try pairing again using the tip outlined in the article about holding the power button. I think that has worked for me every time.

      1. Hey Dave, The number keys not working is not just at the time of pairing, I have this problem even while it was paired earlier (suddenly it got unpaired for no reason). What do you suggest

  42. Very old keyboard would not pair with slightly younger Mac Mini running Mavricks, though it worked earlier. Finally, I attached an old wired keyboard, turned Bluetooth OFF, restarted the computer, and turned Bluetooth ON. Keyboard was immediately recognized. Magic?

  43. it did not work for me as my iMac i7 2013 still dose not see my key board on boot but once in the OS the key board works fine but still can’t figure out the problem i looked at things that may interfere with it but surely if there was any interference it would stop it working all together but one in the oOS the bluetooth keyboard works fine the mac just don’t see it on boot any one got any idea’s ?

  44. Hey Dave,

    Came across your blog post. My aluminium (3-battery) keyboard packed up and decided not to connect to anything at all. The ‘hold button’ trick got me a little further — the keyboard assistant briefly showed the name of the keyboard but reverted to ‘no keyboard found’ when it actually tried to pair. Any other variation and just nothing appears on the Mac at all. (MacBook Pro, mid 2010, 10.9.2). I’ve also tried pairing it to my iPad but that doesn’t even see it. Far as I know, my MBP is the only thing this keyboard has ever been paired with. :-(



  45. Thanks for this; after losing 20 minutes of the morning to this problem again this trick actually worked and I’m now able to get on with things; much appreciated!

  46. At least 2 x my keyboard & mouse just quit, monitor fine. Since I can’t use mouse or anything I have to unplug computer and then everything works fine again. Will definitely try your advice of holding down the power button, but my mouse doesn’t work, so do the same with the mouse too? Or do one then the other? Lastly, how do we do it with the mouse, since there is no power button to hold down rather a click? Many thanks!!

    1. The power button trick only works for those devices that have a contact power button. Some of the mice have a slide power switch, so no good. But the rest of the advice on the page regarding general Bluetooth troubleshooting holds true, so be sure to check those out too.

  47. Thank you! So should this happen again I will try your trick, and if it works great, but will it make the mouse come back too? If not, how can I reboot computer with just keyboard? I’m hoping/thinking that if your trick works for keyboard, then it might make the mouse ‘come alive’ again too. Just curious, if one has to keep doing this, resetting–it can’t be good, no? Some underlying other issue perhaps or just buy a new keyboard? And again, thank you so much!

  48. This document details keyboard shortcuts to restart/shutdown our computer.

    Try the NVRAM reset shortcut on startup (keep holding the keys until the Mac restarts) as that can cause problems with Bluetooth config).

    Obviously not good if it keeps happening, but likely to be a glitch in the configuration or local interference, which if you follow the tips you may be able to diagnose. Probably not either the keyboard or mouse if it affects both, so maybe the Mac’s Bluetooth controller failing, which on most models can be replaced if necessary.

  49. <

    p>My wireless mouse is not working, but my keyboard is. I can’t click anything on my Apple Mac screen because of a non-working mouse. I don’t know what to do and I have tried replacing the batteries, it still doesn’t work. If you have some sort of solution for my problem please email me your answer. Thankyou

  50. Ok, I have the strangest problem and I tried your suggestion but failed. I am not sure if you can help me or not, but here goes. My imac has stopped responding to my wireless keyboard, but only in my account. SOME keys work 1% of the time! and only after smashing them. Also, the ‘right click’ function of my wireless mouse has stopped working.

    However, everything is fine when I log into the guest account, and I can type in my password at the start up screen.

    Oh please help :(

    1. Any chance that you have some utility installed that is meant to be ‘enhancing’ the keyboard and mouse, but that is no longer working correctly? That likely wouldn’t be installed on the guest account. Try creating another normal user account temporarily, and see what behaviour you get there. Also, check your users login items to see if there is anything loading at startup that might cause a problem, and also see if you have any addition System Preferences panes that are keyboard/mouse related, other than the standard ones.

  51. Works great everytime. But then every time I turn my MBP off for more than a few hours it gets unpaired and I have to do the whole “hold down button” trick again. Same deal for both keyboard and magic trackpad. Any thoughts on that? Thank you in advance.

    1. Are you sure its getting unpaired? Does the pairing still appear in the OS X Bluetooth preferences, but its just not connecting? It sounds more like the devices are perhaps connecting to another host which they’ve been paired with before. If so, you’ll need to remove them from the other devices pairing preferences or they’ll keep trying to connect.

  52. David, You, sir, are a genius. Thank you so much for solving this problem.

    As for Apple… come on, guys, get your act together. You’re making zillions of dollars. A little better product support, please…

  53. Hi Dave I do exactly your guide. But when the code appear, the numbers doesn´n black althought i type correct. But when i type different number, the code is black. Return is blue but i can´t press it. The keyboard doesn´t pair. What i should do?

  54. Hi Dave

    A big thank you for such an easy fix for an issue in pairing a keyboard with my iPad.

    Connected beautifully once I followed your clear instructions.


  55. Awesome! Dave, you’re great! I’m from Germany. No one could help me. I was getting so frustrated and this solved my keyboard problem. I’m so happy!!!! All the best for you!

  56. Hey Dave,

    I have a sort of unique problem. First off, I want to disclose this I’m running Yosemite right now and that may be the culprit. Pretty much, I’m having trouble pairing my keyboard with my mac. It pairs for a while and then stops working. When I try to remove the device, it gets removed but when I enter discovery mode again, it doesn’t give me the option to pair it, but only to reconnect to it. When I remove the device it should not reconnect unless I pair it although it won’t give me the option to pair it. When I try to reconnect, that won’t work either. Again, it may be Yosemite, but I just wanted to ask to see if you had any idea.

    Cheers, Tristan

    1. Obvious the beta software it could be a bug, but seems to just be the same issue that affects earlier versions. If the ‘hold power’ trick outlined in the article doesn’t do it, try the other suggestions, particularly regarding fresh Alkaline batteries and removing interference. Also, take a look in the Console logs to see if there is any hint as to why the keyboard disconnects. Good luck!

  57. For me, I couldn’t get the keyboard into pairing mode unless I held down the power button while taking out the batteries and putting them back in again. After that, I had to release the power button when the keyboard’s LED started to dual-flash, BEFORE clicking “Pair” on the Mac, or the pairing would fail.

    Anyway, this led me in the right direction to solve my problem, while all other places I found couldn’t help me at all. Thanks!

  58. RE:apple wireless keyboard, this is a first time issue in 5 years .. a— starts off with bluetooth not found when at desktop only. –.. > Fix by going to preference and turning on bluetooth. b— Wireless keyboard working and i get notification is disconnected. BUT IT NOT. ???/ System preference select keyboard and hold the power key down and go thru all the reset procedures, i get notification unable recognize keyboard and defualts to Japanese. c go back to desk top selected text edit and start typing key board is working all characters are US recognized. Then i went into preferenceds selected keyboard internal to macbook and try to use change keyboard, it DOES not recognize the Internal keyboad , but it too like the wireless is working, Use lithium double aa and triple a battery because they last longer.. HKaufman ,,,,

  59. My issues is I can’t CLICK on anything because I don’t have a working mouse to click on anything! I found a WIRED keyboard so I could at least navigate the screen and wake the sleeping Mac, but now the mouse is not recognized and I can’t seem to get it to pair because everything requires you to click on something to get it to work. I am on my lap top now searching for solutions.

  60. Hi,

    I have a really old Bluetooth keyboard from Apple. No power button indicated anywhere. There is a toggle switch in the back that turns the blinky green light on and off.

    It looks like this model :

    I’m attempting to pair it to a MS Surface 2, which I know was not part of your article, but i thought I’d ask anyway. My Surface 2 detects the keyboard and knows it by name, but the pairing process always fails. I never get the code. It just gives an error message stating that it couldn’t pair with the keyboard and that I should try again.

    Are you familiar with these old style keyboards? Is there a key combo that acts as the power button that I can hold down while it tries to pair?



  61. Dear Dave,

    after two days of testing and trying to make a BT keyboard work on my Mac mini I found your description. THANKS!!! That is the solution I was looking for. Holding down the Power-Button until the pairing-windows appears was the solution!

    You saved me at least another two days :-)

  62. I just turned on my new IMac and couldn’t type in my password t get into the computer, a messages comes up There isn’t a keyboard connected, the key board has the flashing light on, Attempting to connect spins and then says no keyboard, and keeps saying make sure your keyboard is discoverable …. what does that mean…. thanks

    1. Work carefully through the tips in the article, if that doesn’t work, get a replacement keyboard. A cheap USB keyboard will at least let you get back to work.

  63. Hi Dave,

    Please assist urgently, my keypad keys just stopped working after I cleaned the keypad.

    Now I cannot get into my MAC cause it requires a password and I cannot type the password cause my keys on the keypad are not working.

    It seems when I press the middle of the keyboard, some keys sort of work but then nothing else happens.

    Please, please assist urgently as I was working on a presentation and now cannot go in and complete.

    Thanks Jen

    1. Sounds like your cleaning might have damaged the keyboard. If the tricks in the article don’t help, I would in the first place buy a cheap USB keyboard (usually less than $10) so that you can get working again, then look at getting the keyboard checked.

  64. Thank-you so much! I was having trouble pairing my ‘old’ wireless keyboard to my new mac air, and I followed your steps which involved holding down the keyboard power. At first they did not work, then I entered a custom code, and I got a ‘could not connect’ error, so I gave up, released the power button and clicked continue – then like magic I got the request to enter the new code, and it worked. : ) Laurie

  65. Thank you! This worked for my Apple wireless mouse. There is not a power button to hold down (it has an on/off switch), but depressing the mouse pad several seconds during the setup process caused it to pair when nothing else worked. Many thanks to you and Dr. Google for sending me to your page.

  66. After an hour of failing to connect an wireless keyboard I found your instructions. Apple should be paying You for this service, since they can’t seem to post these specific instructions in any easy to find place, if at all.

    I am not a fan of Bluetooth.

    But, Thank You very much for making this information available.

  67. Thanks, I tried a lot of other ways to pair my keyboard with an iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone and all failed to pair. Your tip was my last effort before accepting that I would just have to buy a new keyboard and IT WORKED! Thank you very, very much!


  68. Worked for me! The only problem I faced when connecting both the keyboard (done first) and trackpad ((done second) was that as long as the keyboard was turned on, the trackpad would not show up in the devices list (I guess they looked identical to the PC). After connecting them once, they work simultaneously.

  69. Dear Dave,

    My iMac wireless mouse’s cursor seems to have gone to a halt..! Not able to move the cursor, though it’s right click is still working and Bluetooth options shows the mouse as “connected”. Tried everything to make it move, from a fully charged new set of batteries to cleaning up of the shells and mouse..nothing is working out for this one. I am clueless about resetting the bluetooth settings without a mouse.. Please do comment… Thanks, Soorsj S

  70. the only procedure that works.

    how I hate the half cooked apple instructions. thats all loveless stuff. and the software even more so.

    thanks dave. have a great trip.

    system: imac late 2011, mavericks, newest wireless keyboard.

  71. Hi Dave

    Thanks for all your help. You should get payed by Apple.

    I have tryed to follow your advice, but i cannot se how to ask my imac to forget the keybord. Only how to dissconnect. (Its in danish lay-out). I have the same problem as a few others here, that the keybord is connected, but some of the keys doesnt repond. Ive tryed to connect the keybord to my iphone, and its the same there. (But i can make the iphone forget the keybord, which i cannot on the imac 27 Mecanical failure ? (Ps no i did not cleaned it. Problem occured after a restart). Best Lars

    1. When in Bluetooth preferences, it shows a list of known devices. It may say its currently connected, and there is an X to the right that allows you to disconnect. Once disconnected, the X will allow you to remove/forget the device.

      If the keyboard is failing with particular keys, and you find that when connected to a different device (like iPhone) that the same physical keys fail, then probably you have a defective keyboard. Even Apple kit can go wrong!

      1. Thanks Dave :-))) It worked, but i had to go through a few more menues before the x appered. I suppose different lay-out. Computer is set to danish, the keyboard is Catalan and Apple is American. So of course a lot of things can go wrong.

        After that, i tried, just for fun, to connect again to my iPad, and now it worked here too ??? My iMac and my iPhone cannot “see”each other (meterthick walls), and i only moved the keybord. So some kind of memory the keyboard must have. If not this is a little to magic.

        Best and thanks again – sooooo much :-) Lars

  72. Hi Dave, I hope you can advise. We have an Imac that is nearly 3 years old. It sits happily in the kitchen making movies, playing music and searching the internet, it has quite a nice life apart from frequent attacks by a 8 and 9 year old. Yesterday I came home to find my iTunes library playing, I did not recall turning it on before I left, but the music was good so I paid little attention. Later that day the imac started making noises like someone was typing and the problem worsened to constant error noises and the screen flitting around various boxes. The keyboard was non responsive. So I shut everything down, turned off the keyboard, changed the batteries and restated. Still no keys working as pressed but the Imac responding to some connection as the typing and error noises restarted. I am not super technical, but we have owned apples since out first tangerine imac many years ago. The keyboard is paired, I have tried to unpair to pair with my iPad, but the keyboard seems not to type the code required to pair with the iPad. I have reconnected it to the imac but it keeps asking for the code to be input, yet in system preferences it says it is connected to the wireless keyboard. So I really just wanted your advice, has the keyboard died or is there something I can do? Many thanks Sarah

  73. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for staying active on the comments for this thread. I’m not sure if you could figure out my problem, since I’ve tried almost every suggestion on the Internet to no avail, including this one. My Macbook can recognize the Bluetooth connection from my Mac keyboard, but it refuses to pair. When given a passcode, I try to enter the code, but nothing happens. Apple seems to think it is a hardware problem, but what do you think?


  74. have absolutely tried all of the above and I still get “couldn’t connect to the device”. So frustrating that Apple can’t actually provide help!!!

  75. Just as something I did to get my mouse to work.

    My mac mini (latest model) wouldn’t even find my mouse no matter what i did.

    I then tried to check if the bluetooth was actually working so attempted to pair with my phone (android note 2). During the paring process my phone found the mouse and then once i chose that the mac and phone pair my mouse was seen by the mac and paired with no trouble.

    so, try pairing with something else at the same time. it worked for me!

  76. Thank you for saving my day! Couldn’t figure out why my wireless keyboard stopped working. Tried everything and was ready to throw it out and then I came across your simple solution of holding down the power button while pairing. Voila! It worked! Thank you!

  77. Thanks very very much. I had sold my previous iMac but had retained the earlier keyboard (which, due to an oversight, I’d forgotten to unpair from the sold Mac). Was tearing out my hair trying to pair it with new iMac and was even considering buying a new Apple Wireless Keyboard (or the IOGear Multimedia Keyboard) when your solution came along. Saved me money and further frustration…

  78. Dave! You saved my day, since 2 weeks every morning starts with the “hatepairing” of this hidious device to the stupid laptop. Thank you so much your karma just went up! Like einhorn!



  79. Thanks so much for this advice! It worked on my wireless keyboard and mouse, both of which had suddenly and unexplainably stopped being connected to my laptop. Thanks again!

  80. Thanks so much for the tip about rechargeable batteries, I would have never thought of that. Now my trackpad is behaving correctly. Soon, the clumps of hair that I have pulled out trying to diagnose this problem will start to grow back!

  81. HI Dave, I have recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite. Until this morning , my Mac Word worked firn, but suddenly I cannot type anything. Space bar and Tb bar wrks, but no letters/numbers. They do work in other programmes such a s Excel, etc

    1. If the keyboard works in other applications, then the problem seems to be an incompatibility with the Mac Word version you are using. Have you checked to see if there are known issues with Yosemite, or whether patches/upgrades are available?

      1. Thanks Dave. The second reboot worked the trick. I’m not sure where the glitch happened, but there must have been some restriction in either a document or Preferences setup. I have not found anything (yet) of similar nature in the Yosemite community. Regards. Paul

  82. This is not working. I don’t have the keyboard where you can just hold the button. It’s more of I have to flip the switch for the keyboard to turn on or off. Your methods are lame. They are good if you are talking and have the right keyboard but I don’t. Which is why I’m saying that method in particular is lame. It is stupid beyond compare especially when you don’t have the right keyboard. Please help me community and Dave. I am sorry that I sound mean and all but I really am not mean when I know what I am doing. Please help me Dave or the community. In the meantime I’ll try to figure it out myself. Please help soon. I have to leave at 3ish and it is 12:13 right now. Sincerely, -Computern

    1. I can’t say I appreciate your tone. Its quite clear in the article that you need a keyboard with a push power button, not the slide variety, so getting irate at me is a bit illogical.

  83. I am trying to pair my ipad mini to a bluetooth keyboard. But my ipad won’t discover the keyboard. I tried to push the power button for a minute or two , it still wont search qnd connect! Please help!

    1. Sometimes you just need to work very carefully through the options I describe, if you make a tiny mistake it won’t work. Are you sure that the keyboard works (have you tried pairing with something else?)

  84. Thanks! This was making me nuts. I had tried a half-dozen other fixes and numerous reboots without success. This solution — one I’d never seen or heard before — fixed my trackpad on the first try.

  85. Epic!

    My Apple Wireless keyboard randomly stopped working and wouldn’t reconnect. New batteries, system and keyboard resets didn’t help. It just couldn’t be found.

    But your tip did the job! Using the term “reset” in the headline was helpful, as this was exactly what I was searching for – even when it might not be the technically appropriate term.

    Thanks a bunch!

  86. Need mouse reset instructions —

    The title says these instructions apply to mice as well as a keyboard, yet I can’t figure out how to hold down some button while powering up the mouse. I’d love to have mouse-specific instructions; let me tell you why.

    It seems the mouse has a list of devices it tries to connect to. When I power up my mouse, it attempts to connect to a device I once connected to — my phone. My phone has “forgotten” the device. When I power up the mouse, a box shows up on my phone helpfully suggesting would I like to connect this mouse.

    The mouse is not trying to connect to the laptop that I have paired and unpaired with.

    Since the mouse has apparently remembered the phone, I want it to forget & reset, and there must be a way to do that. If you could share that, point to a solution or something…. that would be great! Because I can’t follow the keyboard instructions on the mouse; there’s now separate power button.

  87. Hi! I am writing to you from my wireless keyboard – thank’s to you! As my old one was without the letter “t” due to my children’s bless for having snacks and playing games at the same time, I am so graTeful for your TuTorial. Have a pleasant day! /Åsa

  88. Thanks, it worked. The ultimate work around however is to go onto Amazon and buy a USB keyboard and a USB hub for 20 bucks per and other such devices and then locate every bluetooth mouse, trackpad and keyboard in your house and throw them in the trash. Your life and blood pressure will improve instantly. Do not recycle them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You will just be passing on the problems. Destroy them for the good of mankind.

  89. Thank you!! I have also paired my keyboard to apple tv. Because of this, I lost the connection to my mac. I have to unpair and unplug the apple tv for my keyboard to be paired to my mac again. Thanks again.

  90. Hi, thanks a lot. It solved my problem. I was trying to connect my apple BT keybord, but everytime it ask to check the device battery and turn it on. but now finally it started working. thanks again.

  91. After reading many threads in the apple forum and trying multiple things with no success; I found this page. Thank you! holding the power button down through the whole set up cleared up my problem. Many thanks for taking the time to post this info!!

  92. Awesome! I just got a new computer but still have my old one in my office. I never thought about the possibility of interference. This is the first time that Apple support has not been able to help me, but you were! Thanks, Dave. I never would have been able to figure this out on my own.

  93. Worked for me, thanks Dave. Turns out my son couldn’t find batteries and borrowed my keyboard briefly a while back. All good now.

    Got that motorhome dream myself :-)

  94. I had this problem and improved it with a hair dryer! The fix here did not work but I figured that it was caused by high humidity. So took out the batteries and gave it some gentle heat with the hair dryer. This brought the keys back for a bit then I had to do it again. It is not perfect yet and may need some more heat/drying time but this shows up that it is a contact issue with 6 keys in my case.

    1. I don’t think this was the same problem, certainly a damp atmosphere is going to play havoc with any electrical contacts, but glad that you managed to sort yourself out.

  95. like many of your other replies, i have had endless misery with my 27″iMac since upgrading to Yosemite. as a lifelong mac user, i’ve almost reached my breaking point. i had to lug my machine into a genius bar, after 2 days of agony, and after they ‘fixed’ the problem, i came home to find my wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad simply would not pair.

    your advice worked like a charm. you need to farm out your knowledge to the apple store folks. they seem to have lost their mojo….

    thanks, dave, for this. life saver (and massive time saver) for sure.

    emerson e.

  96. Thanks a lot Dave, I can stop pulling my hair out now!

    Like so many others, I spent hours trying to get my keyboard paired with my Macbook with no success. Then I came across a link to this page and hey presto, it works. I don’t know you from Adam, but just to say thanks for sharing the info. Good karma is headed your way :)

  97. Confirmed, your suggestion to continually hold the power button is the key. I’ve yet to find any official Apple site or expert make a similar recommendation. All suggestions are “happy day” guidance that ends with the expectation of success. Thanks for being correct and thorough.

  98. I was going crazy trying to get my keyboard to pair. My keyboard is even older than this post, so I wasn’t sure if the hardware had changed. I finally found that my keyboard was connected to a nearby iPad, which is why it was not responding to any of my laptops. Aaaaahhhhr!

  99. After several hours of trying, I almost gave up…whoever alerted us that the previous pairing with another device in the vicinity could be the reason for connection difficulties has my sincere thanks. I had forgotten having previously hooked up with my iPad. Once I had disconnectd my keyboard from the iPad, connecting the keyboard to my iMac proceeded without any problems at all. Thank you!!!

  100. Thanks for the advice I followed the instructions it took a couple of goes but it worked for me it must be holding the power button in that’s done the trick this was a couple of days ago and its still working you have to make sure to delete the keyboard before trying to reset it

  101. Hello Dave, and many thanks for your notes. It appears I’m having the same difficulties as everyone reports, except your ‘reset’ approach does not appear to work for me. I’m using a late 2009 iMac running OS X Yosemite, and attempting to pair a used Apple Wireless Keyboard I purchased from someone in Southern California, several hundred miles away. My wireless trackpad pairs flawlessly. My iMac and iPad Air both “recognize” the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but when I attempt to pair, the keyboard is unresponsive, even when trying your ‘hold the power button down’ approach. A pairing code appears on the iMac, but when I press the respective keys nothing happens (the blue highlighting the code figure to enter will not advance to the next when pressed). I’ve tried entering the code anyway (despite the apparent unresponsiveness of the keyboard) and pressed ‘return,’ without success. The iMac invariably returns the message “Pairing failed.” I get the same result when attempting to pair the keyboard to my iPad, which similarly ‘recognizes’ the keyboard but the keyboard will not respond. I’m still convinced this is a software or setting problem as described by so many, but the reset solution just isn’t working for me. Do you have any other ideas? Have I missed something? (Yes, I’m using fresh batteries, and yes, I’m holding down the ‘power’ button when turning the keyboard on until I receive a pairing code.)

    1. If the keyboard is new to you, I would suspect that it is faulty. Perhaps the person you obtained it from did not realise this. I would try pairing with another computer (see if a friend can help), if you get the same problem then it almost certainly the keyboard at fault.

  102. My wireless keyboard and track pad work fine. However, I purchased a number keypad when we bought our MAC and it worked fine and all of a sudden has stopped working. Its the kind that connects to the keyboard. I have changed out batteries, made sure it was turned on, etc. Nothing. When I connect it to my keyboard and press the button on the end, a little green light comes on on the key board but goes off almost immediately.

    1. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if you meant you now have a new keypad or trying to fix the old one. I’m not familiar with these keypads – does it need pairing independently from the keyboard? Try the same process as mentioned in the article.

  103. Thank you! This worked! The key was holding down the power button until it was found. It did take several minutes. I did remove the Keyboard from my list (it said not connected) but then the system found it right away and I was able to pair again. Thanks again! You saved me so much time and frustration.

  104. My backspace key just stopped to work during the night. i tryied all stuff to fix like reset stuff but still the same. i also tried with other device and it dont work too. anything you think i can do? thanks

  105. I must say thank so so much for your cooperation with me to reach to fantastic result with my deletd wireless keybord… I restore connection with my keyboard via instruction you have gave me. Thank you respectfully. May Ayoub

  106. Dave – thank you for this website and your efforts! My wireless mouse stopped working three days ago. I did everything I could find on the Apple site and decided to visit the local Apple store to see what was up, thinking one of my kids probably dropped the wireless mouse and broke it. Being Saturday and not knowing that you had to schedule an appointment, I left the store without being helped and having wasted 1.5 hours of time. Returning home I found the wireless keyboard had stopped as well. After 3 hours of troubleshooting and online searching, I found your site. The SMC reset and your directions at the top of this page did the trick!!! Wireless mouse and keyboard are now working. I have a 2012 iMac 1333 MHz with 4 GB running OS 10.7.5. Thank you, JP

  107. Thank you a lot for this tutorial! My trackpad stopped working while my keyboard works fine. The trackpad could be found in the bluetooth settings, I clicked on connect and the I had to confirm the pairing. Then the trackpad was connected for a split second and then the pairing confirmation showed up again. Never ending loop.

    Your trick was the solution. Connecting to the trackpad and pairing while holding down the power button got it paired and working again :) Awesome!

  108. I am in a lab, with other nearby labs. Though most computers don’t use bluetooth, sometimes students turn it on. I found my situation was similar to your description. Somehow a lab computer had paired to my keyboard. I couldn’t re-pair mine until I tracked down teh lab computer and deleted my keyboard from it. What a pain. I sure with Apple would build in a reset to teh keyboard. Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t have been able to track it down without your hints.

  109. Yep. Sure enough, I forgot I had paired my keyboard with my iPad and when I had it turned on it refused to pair to my new mac mini. Unpaired it from iPad and it popped up in bluetooth settings and successfully paired with the mac mini. Thanks!

  110. Hello,

    So a couple of days ago, my Apple BT simply stopped working as I was typing something in Word. I tried changing the batteries, did not work. I tried to re-pair it and that worked fine, I could input the code and press Enter on my Apple BT keyboard and it would pair successfully but the keyboard is still not working. I then tried another set of fresh batteries, thinking the ones I put in were defective, but it didn’t work. I tried switching it off/on, it did not work. When I switch it on the light blinks (blink-blink pause blink-blink pause,…) for about 2-3 minutes and then it disappears. Help please! I purchased the keyboard from Apple about a year ago and have always been super pleased with it. It was never abused, dropped, drowned or anything like that either, just chillin on my desk days after days. Thanks for the tips!

  111. My apple keyboard and trackpad stay connected to my laptop (running Yosemite) just fine when they stay in the same room, but after I take my laptop home for the night and bring it back the next morning, the computer fails to connect to either device until I reset both the keyboard and trackpad (i.e. delete the devices from the bluetooth control panel, remove the batteries from each one, then re-pair each one). It’s a huge pain to have to do this every morning when I come into the office. Have you had/solved the issue of a keyboard and trackpad needing to be reset on a near daily basis after taking your laptop out of the building?

    1. It’s possible that the keyboard and trackpad have been paired with other devices in the place they reside. When you take the laptop home, they disconnect and become available for other paired devices to connect, which will prevent reconnection to the laptop when you return. Check carefully on all other nearby devices that they are not listed as paired.

      Failing that, on the laptop, try a PRAM reset, and failing that, a SMC reset.

      1. Hi— Thanks for the reply. Yes, I realize that them pairing with other computers is quite possible. The issue is that I work in a lab and there are tens of computers near by, some of which are used by people and some we only use to run simulations, making the checking difficult. I’ve tried the PRAM and SMC reset. Is there anyway to ease-drop on the device to see if it is paired? I could understand the trackpad pairing by accident, but it’s harder to figure out how the keyboard could miss-pair unless someone had intentionally used it with another computer. Thanks again for the help.

  112. Hi,

    Do you know the difference between the model numbers:

    MC184B/A MC184LL/B

    I’m looking for a keyboard for my Mac Mini running Yosemite.


  113. Thanks! I hadn’t unpaired from my other laptop (well out of range) and I had tried to go this through Keyboard > Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard, and it detected the keyboard and then lost connection.. when I did as you said through Bluetooth settings it worked perfectly. Thanks for the great tips!

  114. Dave, I have a US iMac, and I’m in Mexico, where my extended Apple USB keyboard broke down. I could not find a Mac wireless keyboard to replace it, so bought a Microsoft one (wireless). However, although they say it works for Mac as well as PC, the keys would not work as indicated on the keyboard. For example, when I typed Shift 8, to get a left-hand bracket, I would instead get an asterisk. The left-hand bracket was on Shift 9 (which showed the right-hand bracket!). Other keys were different as well, but I was forced to re-learn them to be able to type correctly. Now, I have found and bought a brand-new Apple Wireless Keyboard, and have it paired to the Mac. Problem is, they keystrokes still work as the Microsoft keyboard did — incorrectly. How do I re-configure the Mac/keyboard so that when I type, the result is what I see on the keyboard?

    Thanks for your help,


  115. I had to delete two keyboards from the Bluetooth list and repair. I kept the power button pressed the entire time and it worked!! Gracias! Danke! Thanks!

  116. Had the problem that the number keys wouldn’t get black during the pairing session. Turns out that even though they wouldn’t black they were still received by the MacBook. So I just typed the correct numbers (without getting any UI response) and hit enter and voila my keyboard is connected!

    Thanks for a great guide!

  117. Yep, messed around for 20mins nothing. Tried the same process after turning it off and holding the power throughout. Worked like charm! I now know how to solve this when I see MANY others having the same frustration. Thanks!

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