How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

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756 thoughts on “How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

  1. none of this works for me on 2 different keyboards.  Setup Assistant does not find the keyboard while holding ‘on’ button on 1, the other has on/off switch, it can’t be held down. imac 2017 , running very slowly despite having just taken 3 wks to upload everything to icloud. am using single clicks for each letter on desktop keyboard. killing me. have re-booted, no diff.

  2. unbelievable — holding down the power button worked like a charm after I tried to pair my 2011 keyboard with my 2019 laptop for 30 minutes!!

  3. Thank you very much!, It just worked with the Apple magic keyboard as you said. I have held down the power button during the whole process. I noticed the green led blinking differently during the process.

  4. I can’t get to work the Kyes: Esc and the Locking Caps…. the light won’t light up and of course don’t work.

  5. The is no power button on my wireless that I can hold down? there is a switch on the back. My other wired keyboard also doesn’t have a power button?? Am i missing something here? thanks

  6. Thanks a bunch! Your suggestion of holding down the keyboard power key until it paired worked! (2011 keyboard bluetooth wouldn’t connect to MacBook Pro)

  7. There’s an interesting failure mode which the above procedure doesn’t address and which affects wireless and built-in Mac keyboards. The symptom is the sudden loss of 1-9 keys and left or right shift. So, obviously, you cannot do the pairing step, as the numbers are not available. But clearly, to me anyway, this is likely the result of an undocumented “feature” accidentally triggered by some key combination. In the case of the wireless, I did re-seat the ribbon cable. I also read of another wireless owner who solved this by leaving the batteries out of the keyboard for several days…and then it worked. I examined the printed circuit board and could not find anything that looked like it would discharge over several days, but I will give this a shot. The only reason I can think of why you would disable 1-9, but not 0, is if you were trying to implement a numeric keypad, but all the keys normally used for that function work as usual. I’m going to see if I can find a scan code utility to see if anything is being generated when the missing keys are pressed. Because the one guy got functionality back after leaving batteries out, I don’t think this is a hardware failure. Very interest.

  8. I have spent the last two hours turning my computer on and off to reset the SMC, and looked at half a dozen supposed answers to my problem of getting a message saying “cannot connect to device. ” I was on the verge of heading out to buy a new keyboard (like I’ve done twice before a few years back), but googled for help one more time. This time I found your page, held down the power button throughout the process, and Eureka! It worked! Thank you SO much!

  9. Had a strange sudden issue with a 2007 bluetooth keyboard. It had already been connected earlier the same day. Then all of a sudden pairing just constantly failed.

    I reset all bluetooth settings and devices as described in this video and rebooted. The mouse had been forgotten and repaired. The keyboard information was still saved (i.e. the given name, not serial number, was still being displayed).

    Finally, I thought to check if it was a computer issue by pairing it with a different computer. The keyboard worked for that computer. Came back to the computer with the original issue and it worked!!

    I have no idea why… This time I was prompted to pair from scratch (i.e. enter a passcode on the keyboard)

    Something strange happened with the computer. Have no idea what triggered the fix.

  10. Thank you so much! My Mac updated yesterday and lost my wireless keyboard somehow. All the instructions on Apple sites weren’t working, and I was getting frustrated. Your tip of holding down the power button on the wireless keyboard while connecting worked! Thanks for your help.

  11. THANK YOU! I have been messing around with this stupid keyboard for hours to no avail. Finally, your trick of holding down the power button continuously while pairing worked like a charm!

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