How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

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772 thoughts on “How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

  1. Hi Dave, I am trying to pair an older keyboard a1314 (no longer have the device it was paired to) to an iPad mini. I tried your technique but keep getting the response on the iPad pairing unsuccessful, “make sure device is in range, turned on” etc. any suggestions? I can’t find anything online closer than your technique. Thank you for any help..

  2. Thanks. This helped me. The problem for me was that I use the keyboard on more than one device. Even though the other device (MacBook) was closed it was causing a problem for the wireless keyboard to connect to my new Macbook. When I shut the old one down all the way it resolved the problem.

  3. Any help is greatly appreciated. I hope you are safe and healthy.

    Great article and extremely informative. My challenge is slightly different. I’m using an old iMac (2013) as an external monitor for a 2014 MacBook Air. The iMac’s keyboard works great. I wish I could connect it to the MacBook. I tried most, not all of your recommendations. Still I keep getting the same error message “the 7c-d1-c3-bb-75-9g keyboard couldn’t connect.” I;m not trying to be cheap and not buy a new keyboard. I actually did and works great. However, I still prefer my old 10-year keyboard as it still works and is much better quality.

    Thoughts? Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Dave, Im trying to connect a wireless bluetooth apple keyboard to my macbook air but unfortunately when I have to enter the keycode, the numbers I type aren’t recognised by the computer, instead it says “pass key entered did not match” and it only responds to when I press enter. I tried the things you suggested in this blog, is there anything else that I could try? Thanks a lot for your help! Anne

  5. Thanks, I was Ok with the mouse-clicks, but one of the little rubber feet came out from the bottom of the trackpad, meaning right-click would not work. I removed the back (very carefully, and cut any glue). Replaced the little rubber foot, and reassembled it. All is good again, tanks.

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  7. I have a 2014 iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse. Recently, the keyboard stopped working and the simultaneously the mouse would only work on certain clicks (for instance I could get to google — no search because no keyboard). The mouse would not work to click restart or turn of, so I had to do a shut down with the power button. When I restarted it, the keyboard and mouse worked perfectly. Same thing happened two days later. Batteries are fully charged, wireless connection is working. Thoughts?

    1. When you say batteries are fully charged, do you mean they are rechargeable, or fresh alkalines from a packet? There can be problems with rechargeables, especially as they age, so try some alkalines for a while and see if that solves it. Likewise, don’t assume all fresh batteries are good, one could be dud and causing problems.

  8. Does this work with the newer wireless keyboard? i.e. one with a power switch, rather than a button (mine is a 2015 model). My keyboard works when I enter my password at start up, short-cuts work to quit applications and open menus but I cannot type content in any of my applications; pages, safari, text edit etc. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Dave,

    My keyboard isn’t responding when I start my computer. the mouse seems to still work, but I’m unable to key in my password and get any further. I’ve linked the keyboard to my MacBook and it works fine with that.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  10. Dave! Thank you! I was just about to give up and order a new keyboard, but first came across your site and it worked!! Holding down the on button while going thru the set-up did the trick!

  11. Saturday 27th June 2020, Perth, Western Australia.

    A big THANK YOU for this guide. I have been using my Apple wireless keyboard for a while with a Mac Mini. Then I unpaired it from the mini to connect it to an MBA but I could not get it to connect. I was lucky to search and find your guide and I managed to connect it. Holding the keyboard’s power button down while pairing did the trick.

    Cheers, mate!

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