43 thoughts on “iPad Multi-Tasking Gestures Stop Working Periodically in iOS 8

    1. Here is how to fix this problem (temporarily) :
      Go to Settings
      Go to General
      Tap on Accessibility
      Scroll to the bottom find Assistive Touch
      Toggle between On and Off
      This should solve the problem by now!!
      If it does not work restart your device!!

  1. Same problem here. Nothing fixes it on my mini. Quality control seems nonexistent these days and not just with Apple. Everyone just dumps a beta on the public and expect us to “test” it. I think we need to stand up and say enough is enough, we pay them for functioning products.

    1. It does appear that there are a number of somewhat surprising bugs in this release. It would be interesting to note if these problems were reported during beta testing. Apple only use the developer community for testing (plus internal resources) but it’s not the same as real world testing, as the priorities are different.

  2. The Siri fix has reduced the frequency but hasn’t completely resolved the problem, I apologise. I still get the odd multigesture failure and the only solution is to disable multigesture and re-enable. We can only sit here and wait for the 8.01 I am afraid.

  3. Swiping down to see the notifications and then swiping back up seems to bring the multi tasking gestures back to life on my iPad Air. Very bizarre.

  4. I am having same problem on iPad. Turning it off and on in settings works. Also, I have just tried pulling the Notifications screen down from the top has also worked! Thanks for the tip! I have not upgraded to 8.02 yet.

  5. I have also experienced this issue. Having to reboot your ipad every time to temporarily get this functionality to work is not an acceptable solution. I am running iOS 8.02 and the issues still exists.

    It’s like microsoft fix one thing break another……(windows 8 🙂 )

  6. Same issue here. Love early adopting, but this release has been the worse. Have an iPad 2 and ios 8 has ground it to a halt. Thanks for the notifications tip as that is quicker to resolve than going to settings or rebooting.

  7. The same problem here. UI slower than it was on iOS 7.1. What is going on with Apple? Quality control went downhill? I wish I could downgrade. The hiccups of the system reminds me of Samsung tablets a lot.

  8. same problem. Every time the iPad goes to sleep and wakes up I have to go into settings turn it off and then back on and then it works, until the next time it goes to sleep.

  9. I have installed two new keyboards…Swype and Swiftkey…and thought that was the problem. Clearly, it is not. Thanks for the fixes. Much better than restarting.

  10. Ipad 2 16 gb wifi only, updated to 8.1……pinch to close email still sometimes fails to work for me. Yes, swiping notifications, or pressing home, or what have you, will re enable it, but it would always work on ios 7. I shouldn’t have to do extra swipes or skip the multi touch features just to close the app.

    On a side note, chrome works so much better and faster than safari, i’ve found.

  11. annoying indeed ! but flipping to portrait, swiping up control centre, swiping down calendar seems to work !! BUT why are we having to do this at all the amount of money this tablet cost !!!!!

  12. A fix.

    Pulling down the notification tab, and back up, serves as a warm boot and the four finger swipe is active again.

    Try it next time.

  13. Oh. So its not me alone. I started doubting my ability to operate my Ipad Mini or thought i must have fiddled with some unknown settings. I must try with Multitasking gestures OFF and ON.

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