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    1. I am new to Iphone IOS7 . Just want to know what settings I should use to adjust to Daylight Savings time and also when traveling to different time zones. Setting Time zone is set to on in Location services. In Date and Time set automatically is set to off. Thanks!

      1. There is only one setting, in Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically – If you have this turned on then it gets its time from the internet (so you need to have internet connection periodically) and it determines the timezone (which includes daylight savings adjustment) based on the location. If you have a wifi only phone or iPad and do not connect to the internet when you arrive in a new timezone, it will likely not be able to determine location.

        1. None of these have worked so far. My iPad is correct but my iPhone is wrong. #4 doesn’t work for me. As soon as I get home, the time switches to Central and I am Eastern. One thing to note: I have an internal cell tower in my house because the signal is so weak. It goes out over my internet connection to the cell network somewhere. I think maybe the system is picking up the location of the cell network, wherever that is on the network. The iPad doesn’t have that problem because it’s connecting to the internet locally via my cable internet connection. Is there any way to fix it so it doesn’t use the cell tower location, but uses the GPS location instead? It shows me in the right place geographically! Thanks!

          1. It’s possible that your pico cell is confusing it, your phone operator may be supplying their central location. One thing to try there is that the operator probably has a record of your location – the pico cells are supposed to have a registered location so that if you call emergency services they know where you are. You might check with your phone company that the pico cell has the correct registered location. Other than that, you might need to turn off auto time, and set it manually, which would be a bit of pain, but I find thats more reliable here in Europe.

  1. I came across this problem but you don’t have to mess about with all that stuff. All you have to do is enable. Your location services and you time will update to the location you are at

  2. THANKYOU – ‘location services>system services>setting time zone’ was the solution. Worked instantly, no rebooting or anything else needed. Having browsed the internet for an answer to this for ages before coming across your post, I would say that there are a lot of users who are unaware of that setting!

  3. I’ve tried all of the above, but none of them work. My challenge is that time and date show up normally everywhere….except in calendar entries where it goes to GMT timezone. I’m in EST. Even if I change the location manually as I enter the appointment … it still shows up under GMT. Any other ideas?

    1. I read somewhere else the other day that there is some GMT bug in iOS 8, you might want to research about that to see if it’s relevant. Sorry, I don’t have the link.

  4. I have use all the methods you mentioned but my iPhone does not select correct time zone automatically and neither it allows me to set their me zone manually. Please help and how to do it. I am using 4S and iOS 8 latest version

    1. Turn off your iPhone or iPad completely. Wait a minute or two then turn on the device. The correct time zone should appear as mine did.

  5. purchased iPhone off ebay activated just fine with page plus problem..time is correct on phone but when receive a text the time shown for text message is 3 hours off…can anyone help thank you!

  6. I tried all of the above – to no avail. Finally resolved the problem when I turned on “Bluetooth”! “location accuracy and nearby services are improved when Bluetooth is turned on.”

    All working now. Thanks Harry

  7. Wow! Super helpful. I am getting really frustrated after learning my time zone doesn’t chnage automatically even it was all set to automatic. I didn’t notice this because my home country and the place I am currently based have the same time zones. Now, traveling to other country made me realized this problem. I had to manually set it but it annoys me so I kept searching and searching for an answer. That system services under location services was a spot on. I tried many other ways but to no avail. Thanks so much for this helpful and useful tip.

  8. Very easy. To correct this problem all I did was completely turn OFF my iPad, wait a couple minutes then turn it on again. The correct time zone appeared!

  9. I live in Australia and travel to Hong Kong frequently. Haven’t had this problem previously, but when I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday the display time still showed Sydney, even though my set time zone automatically setting was correctly configured and showed Hong Kong. Tried some of the above fixes with no success. As a last resort I changed the region to Hong Kong (Settings>General>Region) and this fixed it. However, not sure what impact changing the region will have on other apps- and it’s troublesome to change it when the time zone should be updating automatically anyway.

  10. That is why you do not buy an iPhone. They are total pieces of garbage. They are getting too big and trying to add so much stuff to an out of date operating system that they keep breaking it. Keep it closed-looped apple. Fall further and further behind.

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