A Very Happy Birthday

Oh Look, So Happy It's Birthday Time

Well, it has in fact been a very fine day for a birthday. Despite intermittent rain showers before departure, we were blessed with a dry day, some sunshine here and there (mostly whilst slogging up the hills) and a very warm and pleasant breeze.

Mad Hair, Dodgy Glasses

The route went pretty much as planned, a light lunch and a pint at the Forresters Inn at Hexworthy (good salad, and the Gun Dog bitter thankfully was flavoursome and not reminiscent of a wet Labrador).

Or Just Dodgy? Or Mad?

On down to Dartmeet, and the 1 in 5 ascent back out again, before turning off to Widecombe in the Moor for a cup of tea. It was blatant schoolboy error to skip the cream tea, as energy was flagging on the return leg. Mel took one look at the climb out of Widecombe over Haytor, and summed up the mood with a 'Bollocks to that' which I failed to argue against. I've definitely not been doing enough cycling this year, and the legs aren't what they used to be on the hills.

Mel Looks Equally Happy

The day is not over, and we are off the The Moguls Palace, and Indian restaurant in Buckfastleigh, which tonight promises us the Tuesday Special of the 'Sultans Banquet'. That should test out the robustness of a Motorhome toilet!

A Tor, Surrounded By Beached Whales (They Didn't Look Like the Type to Walk Far)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Is that all Facebook is good for these days?

3 thoughts on “A Very Happy Birthday

  1. Have a fabulous evening and it is comforting to know that you cycling prowess has reduced (comforting for the rest of us that is).

    No Facebook is brilliant for keeping in touch with daughters who live in Australia and to find out what your son has been doing at the weekend, courtesy of his friends photos posted on Facebook – on reflection sometimes that’s not a good thing.

    Happy Birthday again. lol xxx

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