Eurovelo 6 – The Adventure Begins! 1000 miles to go!

Here we are then. Plymouth docks and a ferry to catch. Mr Jones has bigger bags than me. I’m not sure if that will be a disadvantage. I’m thinking I can lash on a tow rope and he won’t notice.

I’m worried that all the other cyclists on board look malnourished and weather beaten. Perhaps that is my fate, but I think it will do Jones no harm.

Anyway, they all seem in remarkably good spirits, but are not interested in the gallon of Cotleigh we have to finish off. They are wise to think it might look like cleaning fluid, but I’m likening it to essential lubrication. Mind you, Jones has just told me the water bottles we are drinking from have not been washed out in a year so perhaps it will be an unnecessarily effective ‘cleaning’ fluid.

Miles covered today – 0.25 (and mostly walking)

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