If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

I actually set the alarm this morning. God forbid! It only made about half and hours difference, and gave me a chance to swear at the half wits at WordPress and the Postie plugin. If I ever write software and put the ‘factory reset’ button right next to the ‘press this often’ button, you have my permission to euthanise me!

[![](http://davemeehan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/photo-15.jpg “”)](/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/photo-15.jpg “”)
No Teddy Bears to be Seen Today

[![](http://davemeehan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/photo-25.jpg “”)](/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/photo-25.jpg “”)
You Can See For Miles From Here

Anyway, it meant I had a little aggression to get out of the system, so it was a good job I’d set aside the morning for a bit of the Rough Stuff. 15 miles around mostly forestry tracks in the Montagne Noire region of the Languedoc, above the towns of Aiguefonde and Mazamet. A fine way to spend a sunny morning! Managed to keep the bike the right way up despite the often rocky and rutted surface, which is always nice. Gave both bikes and good wash and spruce up, and finally manged to figure out the source of the tinging sound coming from the front disk of the Talon 29er (misaligned calliper catching the rotor).

We spent the afternoon driving east along the valley from Mazamet, through some impressive hills and rock formation, but get the impression that progress sucked the life out of the towns in the valley over recent years. Railway thoughtfully converted to Voie Verte cycle track, but the towns, despite size and stout, industrial age buildings, now all looking rather forlorn.

We found a nice little Aire at the mouth of a gorge for the nights camp spot, so they may be some cycling or walking on the cards for the morning, weather permitting. Forecast is starting to take a tun for the worse, I suspect the tail end of the nasty weather the UK seems to have had the last few days. Still trying to head for the south coast of France! Could be Christmas before we get there!

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