Carcassonne and the Cathars

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Oi, Rapunzel, Get Yer Hair Cut!

Finally we find the time to go to Carcassonne. This is one hell of an impressive place – a medieval fortified city, like something out of a film set. I don’t think I’ve seen something so well preserved (although I read it was fashionable to repair and embellish these old fortifications in the last few hundred years as a way for the rich to show off). But all the same.

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Turrets a plenty and an impressive outer wall. And within the walls, a fascinating collection of building styles throughout the ages.

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Anyone Know Where I Can Find the DaVinci Code?

The Languedoc is full of castles in various states of repair, and indication of the influence of the Cathars. After leaving Carcassonne we drove north into the Montagne Noir region, where limestone cliffs and hills rise out of the landscape and remain densely wooded. We drove through Lastour and it’s impressive hill top castle, on towards Mamazet, passing many relics of the past.

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