July Challenge – Touring in Wales

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I’ve now devised the next challenge. At the end of July, I will be cycling from Newport to Holyhead, mostly via National Cycle Route 8. As an antidote to the [Eurovelo 6](/cycling/eurovelo-6/the-adventure-begins-1000-miles-to-go “Eurovelo 6 – The Adventure Begins! 1000 miles to go!”), this will have

* Lots more hills
* Less delightful weather (I suspect)
* I will be camping, not hoteling
* I will be on my own

The route is 250 miles and I’ve allowed myself 6 days to complete it. I want this to be a slow and gentle journey, with time to consider the landscape and perhaps meet some people along the way.

I’ve not been camping since I was a child, so this will all add to the adventure. I’m even thinking that I might opt for some wild camping if I can find a suitable spot along the route. I’ve borrowed a 2-man tent from friends, and have tried sleeping out in the garden already. I’m going to need some extra kit, and also need to consider how I’m going to get it all on the bike. Whilst I’d quite like to take cooking equipment, it won’t be necessary and cold food will be easier to carry, but I’ve not ruled it out yet, just need to see how the space works out.

I’m also curious to know what its going to be like travelling alone for a few days, something that I’ve not done, I think maybe ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been away from home on my own! I’ve certainly never holidayed alone. So it will be interesting to see how I get on with my own company.

I’ve booked the train tickets to get to Newport, and the return from Holyhead, so reasonably committed to the idea. The only thing that will stop me is a rotten weather forecast. If that happens, I’ll perhaps postpone and maybe take a router closer to home as an alternative. I can always combat the weather by investing in better waterproofs, but want to try and keep the budget down on this trip.

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