A Delicious Day of Going Nowhere (As Opposed to Doing Nothing)

Today has been a treat. One of the better weather days we’ve enjoyed for several weeks, I’ve actually been sitting or lying outside in my underpants most of the day! This has actually been the first day in the entire trip where I’ve made a conscious decision to not go anywhere.

We had trouble deciding if we were moving today or not, eventually apathy decided for us that we would stay put. Mel actually decided after lunch to go out for a walk, as she had not done much physical activity for a couple of days, whereas I’d been out on the bike. But the sunshine was so enjoyable I couldn’t tear myself away.

Not that it meant that I didn’t find things to do. The brain, at least in my case, never seems to stop so there has been plenty to think about, a bit of travel planning for the journey home which is now racing towards us, and following some work related ideas. I’ve also interspersed the cerebral activities with some physical exercise, finding time for a chance to do some press ups and other little resistance exercises. Whilst I’ve been physically active in other senses whilst we’ve been away, I must admit I’ve got out of the habit of doing little exercises to keep things ticking over. I’m going to value those over the couple of weeks of the journey home, when sitting driving will become more of a daily chore.

One activity that I’m enjoying having the opportunity in exercising is that of writing. Through this blog, and some offline writing that I’ve been doing, I’ve been exercising the writing muscle and exploring ideas for what the future might hold. This travelling lark can be really very good for the creative side of the brain, and that ought to be a lesson in the value of allowing the mind to wander a little more than I usually allow it. And of course the weather helps!

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