A Gentle Stroll Around Navajas

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Not much energy for anything today, just happy to take it easy. I spent most of the morning doing the chores around the van, sweeping out, floor and bathroom cleaning, washing both bikes, the trailer, giving the garage a clean out. Mel spent the time doing a bit of work in the sunshine.

After a late lunch we decided on a gentle stroll around the town. A river has cut quite a deep gorge and the town is nestled into a bend. The geology is odd, I can’t make out if it sedimentary, corral or volcanic, but either way it makes for some very striking formations on one side of the gorge. The other side is more obviously sedimentary, and I suspect the water made the most of the junction between the softer and harder rocks, first undercutting the softer stone before washing away what fell into the hole created. Quite a few properties along the edge of the town perform gravity defying feats, perched on top of overhangs of the soft rock that looks about as stable as a sand castle.

A couple of waterfalls plunge over the side into the gorge, the large one being known as ‘Brides Leap’. Legend has it the couples were meant to jump over the waterfall prior to marriage. The ones that failed were also doomed to a failed marriage. One particular bride failed and fell into the gorge, followed by her groom who suffered the same fate. So in a way they were together to the end!

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  1. OK, we are officially impressed!

    Welcome back to base and god only knows what your legs are feeling like today….

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