A Run for the Sun

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A grey start. Not what we had in mind. Ok, change of plans, let’s look at the forecast and see if we can change the scenery and the weather. Outlook was only grey for today, then improving, but the Loire was beckoning us both and so we decided to get going ASAP. A quick shopping stop over lunch meant we could pick up some supplies, and a cycle helmet for Mel, as she’d failed to get one before leaving.

At last, the sun came out through broken clouds, and the temperature was noticeably better. All together a much better feel – now it actually feels like we are away from home. Still trying to adjust and resist the urge to just head south without experiencing things. It’s weird trying to get your head around he fact we’ve got over 3 months to play with.

This afternoon we had set Angers as the goal, but time was moving on and we were both getting a little stir crazy from being in the van for too long. We stopped at an Aire de Service to get that much needed water top up (and drop off, if you know what I mean), and decided that if we stopped here we’d get a walk around the town before sunset. We’ll move in the morning and get closer to Angers so that we can go for a look around on the bikes. Or at least that’s the plan, except if so far is anything to go by, it will be something completely different!

The pic is the sun setting from the bridge in Durtal, on the banks of the Loir, not to be confused with its more well known cousin the Loire, who lives just down the road. We’ll see if we can say hello tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “A Run for the Sun

  1. Hello,
    I checked this morning Bouchemaine is not far from our home in Fondettes ! if you go there tell us and we will warm Yvonne & Michel.
    Here all is right, the weather is fine, yesterday Saurday it was 14°C at midnight when we came in from a very nice show of Somerset County Orchestra we attended in Queens college at Taunton. I played golf in the afternoon under sun it was like in summer !
    Have a good day,

  2. Don’t fall off your bikes, French beer and bikes don’t mix. We hope u have a wonderful trip, will be following you – watching your weather reports with interest (have you got an outside temperature gauge on the van?)
    M & M
    PS Maurice says prompt English Lamb and don’t get locked up!

    1. M & M – definitely trying to avoid getting locked up, and will be sure to promote English lamb (especially yours) at every opportunity!! About 15deg today, but sun very strong, so lovely!

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