A Walk in the Parque

At last, a proper day of exploring and adventure. I’d really not been thinking that we’d see much snow at such an early phase of this trip, but it certainly here and so best to make the most of it. I think the tempest that washed us ashore in Santander last week must have dumped on the hills, and knocked the tops off of plenty of pine trees going by the debris in the forest. Its quite funny seeing a Christmas tree planted in the ground upside down, which seem to be what happens when the top get blown off.

We walked up to about 1550m so the snow got pretty thick nearer the top, we we wading through over a foot of the stuff at times. We’d been following plenty of deer tracks through the snow all the time and were rewarded by spooking a group of 20 or so who shot off down the hill before us. The sun has been out all day, although most of the time we’ve been in the pine forest so only getting dappled sunlight but welcome all the same.

The walk was probably about 11 miles in the end, the guy on the campsite said it was only about 8 but it was good fun all the same. We will be looking out for snow shoes at the earliest opportunity as I think they are going to come in handy as we head along the Pyrenees. Forecast for the coming days looks pretty good apart from Saturday, so hopefully time to get out an enjoy it.

There is little in the way of civilisation here, very sparsely populated and only a few farms with cows and sheep, both of which are wearing bells and clanking around the place at all hours, including walking where they like around the campsite.


3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Parque

  1. Hi Mel and Dave,that are beatifull photos in the snow,
    but we dont whant it so please keep it in Spain (the snow I mean). We dont mind some of the wine.
    Just keep coing and good luck.

  2. Hi again, guys. Lovely to see the pics and you out and about in your element….snow. Keep the snow shoes for tennis when you get back down again!
    Ps Dave, ive been trying to imessage you but unsure of which address is associated with your iPad, drop me a line. I sent an email checking this but not sure if you got it. Also sorry i missed your Skype call, just got in as it rang off, tried to call back but you must have moved on to someone more interesting…..lol!

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