Agadir Souk

A full day to wander Agadir, we headed first to the Supratours bus ticket office to get our tickets to return to Marrakech. Supratours takes over where the railway leaves off, providing a service a bit like National Express at home. We paid the extra £2 for the Confort Plus service, as the standard service down from Essaouira smelt a little bit too much of goat and BO.

We then headed for the main souk, what we would think of as a market. Lovely, but less chaotic than the one in Marrakech, but still home to an alleged 3000 stalls. It certainly went on and on. A much wider range of goods too, as it serves the local community more than the one in Marrakech, which seems to only sell tat to tourists. At least in Agadir they’ve had the good sense to ban mopeds from cycling up and down between the stalls.

After developing souk fatigue, we headed back to the beach and spent a couple of lovely hours basking in the sunshine. That’s the first time we’ve managed to get down to swimwear, so alas the tan is rather uneven. There’s definitely something about the quality of the sun down this way though, my face is looking distinctly muddy!

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