Amalfi Coast

With a somewhat improved weather situation, we headed out for the day, a combined train and bus journey from Pompeii via Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Solerno.

The Amalfi Coast is world renowned for its towns clinging to the steep cliffs above the sea, and the twisting road that runs the perimeter of the Peninsula.

Sorrento in the west is not all that remarkable but nice for a snared around and a coffee before jumping on the bus to Amalfi. You need to stop looking at where the driver is taking you and concentrate of the view, or you’ll have kittens as you travel big dipper like along the winding roads. One Japanese tourist was reacquainted with her Gelatto, but it did mean that we stopped for five minutes to allow us to try and take a picture.

Amalfi was a pleasant little place, very touristy but we found somewhere for pizza and vino rosso before the sunset and it was time to continue the journey along the coast to Solerno. Dominated by a large container port it’s a bustling town, and there was a street market all along the sea front that must have comprised a hundred plus stalls selling regional fayre.

A quick half hour train journey got us back to Pompeii in time for a quick supermarket sweep.

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