Bright Lights, Big City

We are both now in central London – well the van is out near Epping, which is as close as we can get because our van doesn’t qualify to get into the Emission Zone. This means a 40 minute trip on the tube which wouldn’t be too difficult, except for the fact there is engineering works this weekend which are going to cock things up a bit. Ho hum.

We got in fine yesterday, intending to do a bit of shopping and gallery visiting, but first went for lunch, which turned out to be an afternoon as we got into conversation with two Norwegian guys who were visiting London for a couple of days. Good banter and nice wine flowed, very enjoyable and unexpected, as these things often are.

We then headed off to a gallery where we’d bagged an invite (also by chance) to an opening night, so benefited from more free plonk, and chats with others.

So, unproductive but entertaining!

Apparently there are 1788 glitter balls in Oxford Street. Should you have been wondering.

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