Well, the adventure begins, and did so in style yesterday with much pish and piddle and a wasted day sitting in the car. What should have been 5 hours at the outside turned into more like 9 hours. Just slow traffic due to the incessant rain.

But eventually we got to drop off the sculptures, too late to install them but we can leave that in David’s capable hands in drier conditions. The hotel was overrun by a wedding party, but we dumped stuff and headed straight to he nearby Plough Inn at Coton, a lovely Gastro pub with sane prices. And G&Ts you could give a Goldfish a resplendent home in.

Despite the dance music coming from the hotel party, it took no time at all to drift off to sleep and forget the trials of the day.

This morning the skies are clearing and Cambridge is looking lovely. A short walk from the hotel to the centre gets us going. My first visit, but first order of the day, breakfast is much needed.

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