Castelnuovo Di Magra

A few brief shots from home for the last three days, the pretty hilltop town of Castelnuovo Di Magra, just inside the border of Liguria, overlooking Tuscany. Not much to see thanks to the weather but it’s not been all bad. The forecast for the week ahead looks cracking!

The campsite owner was telling me that like the UK, this part of Italy has had three years of pissy weather. She wishes it would stop. Not much fun when trying to run a farm, particularly one that makes it’s own olive oil and wine.

A young American called Jacob was also staying, he’s been ‘woofing’ around Italy for the last 6 months. Annoyingly told me that we missed some decent fireworks from Etna only a few days after we left. Pyro clastic flows and the whole nine yards. He was very impressed. I want to go back now!

Today I’m heading down the coast to Pisa, ready for meeting Mel tomorrow. Trying to enjoy the coastline but it’s too built up – you can’t find anywhere to get a view of the damn sea!

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