Caught by the Trossachs on the Shores of Loch Lomond

Thursday was a quiet day, waiting for Mel’s return into Glasgow airport. I spent Wednesday on the edge of Ayr, and took the opportunity to do some clothes shopping. Not much else to do in Ayr High Street, unless you want to buy tacky jewellery or pawn some dodgy electronics (presumably so you can buy some tacky jewellery).

Thursday morning I worked my way along the coast, stopping for a look around Troon, famous for its golf courses. I took the scenic route to Glasgow, up the coast to Largs, then cross country to the airport. Mel was on time, and it’s great to have her back!

We went an hour north to Loch Lomond and I’d booked us into a loch side campsite. The evening was clear and a lovely sunset whilst we walked a small section of the West Highland Way along the edge of the loch.

Friday morning we walked again, this time partly in rain, up through Cashel Forest. We saw our first proper wild Red Deer on the hillside, and possibly a male Grouse, but a bit too far off in the gloom to be sure. The binoculars continue to be a real boon, so glad I got them.

During the early evening we drove north to Fort William, the drive up the A82 through Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe was lovely, again the weather being kind, the evening sun lighting up the colour of the heather.

Our plan is now to head east along Loch Ness to Inverness, then north west across country to the far north west before heading back down the west coast. Mobile coverage could be patchy, especially for data, so picture updates might be a bit erratic.

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