Ce Soir Gastronomique en Périgueux

I decided that tonight would be a gastronomic treat. Th e region of Perigord is renowned for its use of Duck and Goose in its cuisine, so it would have been rude not to partake. By the time I found the Aire (TomTom tried to steer me through the ‘projects’ and I feared of I stopped moving at a junction the wheels would have disappeared), it was just about dark, so I shot off into town to track down a suitable restaurant.

After a wander through the streets of the old town and a perusal of many menus, I settled on a small place with a nice atmosphere that looked like it needed the business. In truth, they all looked like they needed the business, but it was still relatively early (and others were busy when I left).

I made the right choice. A very amiable couple who owned it and had lived in London for 12 years and now back in France for the last 6. I went for the P̢t̩ de Fois Gras for the Entree, and Maigret de Canard for the Plat Principaux (I think I spelt that right). The obligatory Assiette de Fromages and une Caf̩ to round things off Рoh and of course a couple of small glasses of house red to keep things lubricated!

It was an absolute délice!

3 thoughts on “Ce Soir Gastronomique en Périgueux

  1. Mummmm … with a good white wine the foix gras should be delicious and the Magret de canard with a red wine as Pecharmant ! dogs bullocks as we say in Bridgwater 🙂
    Enjoy your last few days in France.

    1. Oops, had red wine with the Fois Gras but it still seems to taste jolly good. You might want to check your spelling on the ‘bullocks’, although they do speak funny in Bridgwater

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