Colourful Shacks and Workshops, île-de-Oléron

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The main port was surrounded by colourful shacks containing also sorts of industry, from fishing to arts and crafts, each painted in a different pastel colour – perhaps originally brighter but now faded by the sun and sea. Most of the buildings were sagging and slumping, much like the archetypal drunken sailor.

2 thoughts on “Colourful Shacks and Workshops, île-de-Oléron

  1. Great photos for a camera phone Dave. Love the snaps of the Islands and seaside architecture.

    You have done well to get so far in such a short time and not even a broken spoke.

    I must tour the Vendee and Atlantic Islands.

    Take care out there.

  2. Hi there Dave and Mel – just got around to checking your site out. We heve these same hut pictures here, really love them. Gonna check out rest of site and comment appropriately.
    Travel safely, chat soon! xx

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