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Relatively relentless rain all last night, compounded by being parked amongst pine trees that conspired to make the rain drops bigger and therefore noisier as they landed on the van roof. As a result sleep was slightly disrupted, which gave us the perfect excuse to stay in bed till lunch time. Yes I know, lazy slobs!

As the rain persisted throughout the day, we stayed in, Mel got some marketing work done, and I read up in some things and continued to read Around the World on a Bicycle. Tom Stevens is currently in Istanbul.

We finally escaped the confines of the tin can about 4pm and got to walk along the coast a bit and got some pictures of the Cap de Sant Antoni, some fairly impressive cliffs that jut out into the sea, and a walk up to the tower that overlooks the town.

I learnt that good friends Dave and Janet from home come to visit friends of theirs that live smack bang next to the campsite we are staying in, so know the place quite well. How’s that for a small world?

Interestingly there is more of that strange concrete like rock that we encountered a couple of weeks back. I’m still curios to know how that is formed, if anyone can offer up a suggestion.

Will wait and see what the weather brings in the morning before deciding whether to stay or move on. There is an impressive hill close to the town that looks like it might need conquering, either by bike or on foot.

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