Does It Get Anymore French Than This?

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The day started off bright and sunny after a good nights sleep. However, as soon as we departed from Boulogne, the day turned grey and got progressively misty in parts. We followed the coast for a while until the town of Berck (does that make all the residents Bercks?) and sat on the beach front and made coffee for ourselves. I couldn’t get a picture of it, but the seagulls were lining up on the sea wall with regimented spacing. Every time another joined the party, they all shuffled along to maintain 6-8 inches spacing with their neighbour. Most bizarre to watch!

We took a while to pour over the maps and decided that we would make a break inland and head for Rouen with the intention of some cycling tomorrow. We stopped at a hypermarket to stock up on provisions, then off to an Aire that had a good rating. Very small, and we are the only ones here, right on the bank of the River Seine. Perfect spot, shame we couldn’t get here sooner whilst there was still daylight. Still, there is always tomorrow! The picture, whilst somewhat dark is of the Seine and the Pont du Bretonne suspension bridge in the background.

We’ve run out of water now, and find that at this Aire you need tokens for the service point, but it doesn’t say where you get them from. Probably a local shop or house, but nothing seems occupied. Also, the tap adapters I purchased specifically for the task are not big enough for the faucet, so will need to look for a DIY shop tomorrow for supplies. All part of the adventure! We have enough bottled water to cook with tonight, so no big deal.

Must get some exercise tomorrow, far too much sitting around so far!

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