Farindola – The Group Supper

After our jolly out for the day, we headed up the hill to the Angri Valley and the restaurant at the end of the universe. The view is from higher up the hill taken on the return from the jolly, but you get the idea.

We had a simple but effective meal with the vital added ingredients of wine and good company. We skipped the antipasti course at Helens suggestion that it would be too much. So first course was pasta and crayfish. Very tasty, but you have to be carefully not to wear it, or donate bits to your neighbour or even someone across the room.

Second course was fresh trout from their own ponds and caught that very afternoon. Beautifully fresh and simple in a butter sauce. Fried potatoes and bread the only accompaniment.

Superb, and a fun toddle back down the hill in the dark, trying not to fall off the precipitous drop into the valley below.

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