From Loch Ken to Loch Doon

The last 24 hours was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, biblical, but without the loaves and fishes. Although the fishes would have had a nice time.

Water seemed to come from every orifice of the landscape today, which made finding a place to wait it out and make the best of the views difficult. I drove up and down Loch Ken (nice chap) and ended up in a rather wind swept and damp layby. At least when the sun finally came out put in a good show – the afternoon turned out to be a cracker.

I spent most of it out for a walk around a RSPB reserve, except immediately got chatting with three ladies from Sheffield, self confessed ‘birders’. They took me under their wing, so to speak, and helped with the identification. As a novice in such matters, I was mostly at a loss. The binoculars are coming in handy. I may grow a beard (well on the way) and start calling myself Bill.

So, the walk was largely leisurely, although as they started to return to the carpark, I headed off for a longer loop, only to catch them up later intently staring up a tree. I got a gold star for spotting a Red Squirrel.

I spent a hour driving in the evening towards Loch Doon, not helped by a road closure due to flooding requiring a detour. Although the roads were familiar from the morning drive, the view was much more agreeable now that I could actually see further than 100 yards.

I’m glad I came to Loch Doon, it looks fab in the setting sun. Hoping for a decent walk tomorrow with fair weather, so more pics then.

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