Hadrian’s Wall Day 2 – Carlisle to Lanercost Priory

A bus into Carlisle from our campsite at Brampton, then quite literally a walk in the park to start the day, following the banks of the River Eden before heading out into the countryside in search of some wall.

As per yesterday, the wall is lacking in evidence at this poly, although the earthworks associated with the wall are more obvious. The ‘Vallum’ is most obvious, this being a ditch on the south side of the wall which was designed as a second line of defence. The wall was here, but tended to be made of wood and this had rotted away, and where stone has been extensively plundered to make many of the older houses.

The end of the day found us at Lanercost Priory, now part ruin, and part parish church. And a pleasant glass or two of wine courtesy of James and Carolines B&B, which necessitated a taxi back to the campsite.

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